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One week to perfect skin: My 7-days Spring Skincare Guide

The weather is warming up really fast. Warmers air, harsh sunlight, and lots of BBQ/pool parties can damage your skin barriers. But all these are not a death sentence for your glowing skin. Since we are changing our clothes and food choices, why not think of changing our skincare routine, giving us perfect-looking skin. I am here to help you as your skin guru.

In this blog post, we will use techniques like 1) the correct products (from your kitchen) and 2) some planning. With these 7-days of skin reset exercises, you will be well equipped to tackle summer fun with your pretty-looking skin.

Sounds exciting, right! So let's get started:

Day 1: Change the type of cleanser you are using

I genuinely feel our skin is a very delicate organ. The skin's primary function is to protect the internal organ from external forces and toxins. So, instead of adopting a whole new schedule on day 1 is not an appropriate way to start this boot camp. Our skin will not like sudden changes. That's why a cleanser is the best way to start making change. If you are not into "double-cleansing," this is the time to invest yourself in the "double-cleansing" method.

First, remove all the gunk and makeup from your face. Use Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Once it's clean using oil, use any alcohol-free soap cleanser to get a refreshed look.

If you are into DIY skincare spirit, use this recipe instead of a soap cleanser.

1/3 cup of oats grinded

1/3 cup of green tea

Mix both ingredients thoroughly, activate powder with the water, and use it as a cleanser instead of a soap cleanser.

Day 2: It's time to add exfoliation

Glowing skin doesn't shine until we remove all our dead skin from our face and neck area. Last week, I wrote a blog post on 10 different types of face scrubs from your kitchen. You better check out that blog post and get the best face scrub according to your skin type and needs.

I always start with simple lactic acid-based face scrub using greek yogurt and honey! Honey acts as a humectant so it can retain skin moisture. At the same time, yogurt contains lactic acid, which helps remove the upper layer of your skin.

(Also, don't forget your soap-free cleanser before you use exfoliants)

Day 3: Add Face Mask + Face Steam

It's time to prep our skin with a lovely face mask and facial Steam. I generally like to use fruit and vegetable peels for my face steam and use the same left-over water to turn into face mask powder into face mask itself.

If you follow me @green_beautyco, I also have Facial Steam to sell, But it's pretty easy to make if you are not into a splurge. I also have a blog post on making facial steam and why it is essential in the skincare routine (Click here and here).

Day 4: Time to restore moisture

It's been two days, and we are doing something cumbersome on our skin. So let's replenish our skin with antioxidant-rich and hydrating facial oil. Facial oils are basically a combination of carrier oil or single carrier oil applied on your skin as a moisturizer. Technically you can use simple almond oil on your skin, but according to your skin type and healthy, you have to pick n choose your facial oil.

If your favorite influencer recommended a particular facial oil, that doesn't mean your skin is well-suited for this. Check out this blog post and find out about your well-suited facial oil!

Day 5: Beauty Inside out: time to include an early morning wellness shot

While we are using alcohol-free cleansers and facial oil and our 4 days of skin treatments every day, it's time to think about beauty inside out.

This early morning wellness shot has helped my digestion for the past three months, eventually improving my skin. I am fortunate enough not to have acne on my skin, but I am sure your acne/acne scars will get enhanced by this one too!

1/3 tsp. Methi Seeds/Fenugreek Seeds

8 Oz. Water

Soak 1/3 tsp. of fenugreek seeds into 8 Oz. of water overnight. Strain the seeds in the morning and drink first thing in the morning.

This habit of yours will go a long way! And you will thank me for this.

Day 6: Protect Your Skin

We, as women, never think about protecting our skin. We always think about restoring and revising our skin barriers while the harm is already done. That's why today I want you to invest in good facial sunscreen. Don't ever DIY sunscreen, as we will never be able to gauge the sun protection at home due to lack of laboratory testing. There are two types of sunscreen: 1) Chemical and 2) Physical.

My all-time favorite sunscreen is Supergoop Chemical Sunscreen. I plan to have an in-detail blog post in the coming future about sunscreen, so stay tuned!

Day 7: It's our last day of the Bootcamp – add extra hydration

Today, I would say – let's set up our day/nighttime routines for the rest of the season. It is ideal to use a once-a-week face mask and facial Steamsteam following after face scrub. Also, it's time to add toners to our ritual. We shared facial toner recipes a few weeks ago, and people loved making them!

For Spring skincare, I would say extra hydration, extra protection, and antioxidant-rich-facial moisturizer/oil that's all you need.


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