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Homemade Face Mask

homemade Face Mask

Why do you want to make a homemade face mask?

Are you someone who likes to have control over everything in your life? (Those Type A personalities :P) Are you working towards improving your lifestyle? If yes & yes, then making cosmetics at home is your cup of tea. Today, I would like to share how you can upscale your citrus waste, i.e. food waste, into fresh face masks.

Whenever I go to SEPHORA or ULTA, I feel overwhelmed looking at the ingredient lists of various face masks. More often than not, they list "aqua" first, which means the product contains more water than anything else. I wonder why I should pay big bucks when the majority of the product is water. And high-water-content products require preservatives.

Upscale Beauty Face mask

I was extremely disappointed with what I found in the market for the above reasons. Sometimes, I experienced adverse results on my skin as well. During that time, I went back to basics.

Going back to my roots and what my mom taught me was my way to regain control in my life. Growing up, my mom taught me how to make various homemade face masks; I used those masks during those tough times. But today, I want to take it a step further. I want to talk about sustainability by reducing the amount of food scraps ending up in the garbage.

So let's talk about upscaled beauty using food waste.

Homemade Face Mask recipe
Homemade Face Mask

When you make lemonade or margaritas, you will be left with a bunch of squeezed-out lemons. Those squeezed-out lemons are a perfect face mask ingredient to start with. So let's upscale our beauty game: the face mask.

For this you will need the following ingredients:

Lemon Citrus Core Face Mask


5-6 Squeezed-out Lemons

2 Tsp. Honey

1 Tbsp. Kaolin Clay

1 Tsp. Sandalwood Powder

Rose Water (as needed)


small spoon

small bowl

face mask applicator


Using a spoon, remove all remaining white parts from the lemon. Now, put the white parts, also known as the pith, in a small bowl. This white part is a useful ingredient in the face mask. Save all the lemon rinds, wash them thoroughly & make sure they are extra dry (this is crucial; otherwise, it will allow fungus to grow inside). These lemon rinds can be used in other recipes later, so if you have a dehydrator, dry the rinds.

Now in the bowl, add honey, clay, the pith, and sandal powder. Add rose water and mix it into a paste. Apply using cotton balls or a face mask brush. Wash your face after 10-15 minutes.

Shelf life:

(immediate use only)


Lemons will provide Vitamin C to your skin. It is great for brightening your skin tone and revitalizing your tired skin. Rosewater has a soothing quality, while honey has an excellent cleansing quality and acts as a humectant.

I hope you like this recipe. In the future blog posts, I will provide you with more new methods for using leftover lemons. ... till then, Ciao!


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