What is Glow & Green? 

Glow & Green is a beauty content

platform founded in April 2019 by our

founder Ruchita. We proudly call this

beauty content platform a premier

online destination for all women. This

platform is for women who like to indulge

in beauty in a green, clean, and sustainable

way. We provide the most up-to-date

insight into new beauty products, trends,

and philosophy. We give knowledge on

beauty definitions and sustainable DIY

beauty solutions in a simple manner.
Providing unique DIY skincare/hair care

recipes is our gem!
Our mission is to provide understanding to women on “funky beauty standards” and educate them in terms of sustainable & responsible beauty choices. We also love to feature products and brands that are sustainable, natural, ayurvedic, clean and green on our platform.
Our belief is: if everyone chooses sustainable personal care products, we can save our biggest organ – our skin – and our planet. That’s why we say clear up your skin and your surroundings together. Please sign up for our newsletter here to get the inside scoop.

Meet Ruchita! She is the mastermind when it comes to sustainability and beauty. Currently, she resides in the SF Bay Area and runs Glow & Green along with her full-time in public sector.Before moving to the Bay Area, she worked in New York City and conducted various sustainability projects for ten years. Throughout her life, she has delivered a beautiful environment for present and future generations by implementing public policies & programs as a part of her public sector work.


But here at Glow & Green, she is committed to reaching out to you all on a personal level and providing you with beautiful skin & hair content while defining the beauty industry in layman language.She truly believes that it is everyone’s right to understand and acknowledge beauty products in a similar way as food products. She began her journey in developing beauty products back in 2017 due to her struggle with skin issues. It is now time for her to share her robust knowledge of beauty to the Glow & Green Community :). She also formulates skin care products and conducts beauty workshops in the Bay Area.


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