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Dear Neev.... A letter to my two years old

As a mom, I have pledged to write a letter to you every year (we will see how it lasts - see 1st birthday letter). These are my emotions which I would like to share in this forum called - Glow & Green (I call it your elder sibling)! Like last year, this is another attempt to write another letter, which you will read once you are old enough to understand.

So here you go:

Dear Neev,

This past year has been challenging, especially when I suddenly feel that I am not fulfilling my duties and responsibilities like I should (see my 2022 realization blog post). But you - my son, came for a rescue, and you don't even know about it. You showed your brightest side of brilliance, which amazed not even the entire family and me. This made me realized that, I have done something beneficial to you! Even though most of the summer, I tucked myself into my home office from 8 am to 5 pm, I felt that you and I became each other strength, thanks to your milestones you achieved in past year. That's why I call it: you are my biggest strength who teaches me as a mom to live life to my fullest.

You are now two! And your dad and I are happiest to be your parents. As a mom, I know that besides everyone's opinions, I can be your rock whenever you need me in your life. I am not a perfectionist mom, and I never want to become one. I want you to know that life can be imperfect, and you, as a human being, should know how to tackle those imperfections and make it perfect for you.

As an integral part of my life, you are - I want you to know that you can turn in to me anytime you need. I am here to help without being an overprotecting mom. Whether giving you "Kaju (aka Cashew)" or something more significant than this in your life, as a mom, I promise you that I am your supporter. This past year, we both became each other's support systems.

Also, I want to share what you did in small blurb here!

You are more independent than I thought as two-year-old. We had your first haircut this past year(and you were amazing customer), and that haircut turned you into a handsome hunk! This past year from walking - you learned how to run behind me. This past year you potty trained yourself (I truly believe that this was your will to be diaper free than us), started counting 1- 10, recognized all the colors, and not to mentioned you also had your first overseas flight (You are a great traveler)! You also learned to eat by yourself (60-70%), and now you are no longer bottle-fed baby! All these achievements you achieved in past 4-5 months which is an amazing to see! I can't stop listing your achievements but I was totally impressed with your music choices (i.e. Blippi, Cocomelon etc, Twinkle...) I can't stop love you for one second.

From this past year, I will surely miss most... those fun talks and waking up with you, those cuddling time - are the best moments!

I can't wait to spend more years with you as a mom! Thank you for being in my life! Let's have another fun year together.

Happy 2nd Birthday, My son.



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