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The Year of Realization: 2022

Hey guys! Today I am writing a blogpost after a long time. Why did I disappear from writing, and what actually happened to me in the year of 2022! As many of us know that, I had big expectations and plans for the year of 2022. And somewhere in the year of 2022, I felt like I am total failure. In this blog post, I would like to talk about what happened in 2022 and my lessons learned.

Especially after March/April, I started realizing that I took a lot on my plate, than I could. I wanted to increase my Instagram reach, have regular episode publishing in the podcast, grow my product-based business Green-Beauty Co, change my regular 9 to 5 job, my husband's side family living with us for almost a half year so taking responsibilities on that note, and the list goes on and on. Although, I did find some success in some of the responsibilities I took this year. Still, by the time September/October reached, I was totally shattered.

After struggling in silence with overwhelming feelings of being unable to keep going, a momentous confession was made. Sitting together in the bedroom bed, my spouse Kunal heard me confess that I wanted nothing more than to run away from it all - no plans or expectations left behind. Surprisingly enough, though, instead of feeling worse and like I had failed at life's responsibilities, as soon as these words were said out loud, an immense sense of relief came over me and for once there felt like hope again! An important lesson was learned through this experience – admitting our struggles can open doors for healing and allow us new paths forward.

In 2022, I made a powerful discovery: the importance of setting boundaries between my work (blog, business, and my 9 to 5 job), mental health, and personal life. I also realized that, things which are putting me down, that's not the best way to move forward in my life. I realized that sometimes it's okay to stand for ourselves instead of shouting, blaming, or crying at people surrounding me!

Instead of ignoring how I feel and pushing through despite fatigue or stress, pulling back gave me permission to take breaks when needed - for hours or days! This pause allowed me to appreciate being in the moment without any false fronts while still enjoying all that comes with having a business, blog, and motherhood which is rooted in passion. After this process, I also realized that, motherhood is god's gift and there is a sign why I was the chosen on for Neev.

So without talking more on this -

Here are my lessons learned from the year 2022:

Lesson 1: Don't ignore those overwhelming moments

Paying attention to minor warning signs, such as feeling overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks and a lack of joy in activities that you used to love or you felt like it's just small change and you can handle it. This can indicate an approach toward burnout. To address this, I took steps to reduce my screen time (that's affect my instagram engagement but I was okay with that), which has benefited me in this long run. Consequently, instead of mindlessly checking and comparing myself with other people and plus try to be perfect wife, mom, co-worker, and daughter in law was not the best way to overcome anxiety, and depression. I started into less talk more thinking mode (which I always do when I feel overwhelm with my surroundings). Throughout the day or browsing through - I put it down more often and adopted better habits! I started to-do list which more manageable and truly giving me joy. I stopped making list for other people or other things which overwhelms me.

Lesson 2: Going back to your essential thinking - instead, try to pretend that you can do it!

Burnout can be damaging and leave a lasting impression. Still, after three to five months, I realized that managing everyone's expectations would not make me go longer. A year ago, people asked me, are you sure you can do all these? signing a deal for my dream project contract (more to come in year of 2023), a high-demanding job, being a good daughter-in-law, managing a business, and motherhood! And I said, why not!! Now, I realized I need to understand my own limitation before I said "why not". I don't need to fall into that trap!

Nowadays, I pay attention to the basics of life:

  • Getting exercise, proper sleep, and nutrition.

  • Connecting with loved ones who matter to me more.

  • Just having an occasional good cry.

I cut down on expectations for myself. With these tools at my disposal, I'm more capable than ever of combatting exhaustion before it sinks its claws in too profoundly - giving me happier days all around!

Lesson 3: Talk to your friend.. or talk it out with someone

Feeling overwhelmed by emotions? Connect with a friend and share your burden - you can't tackle an emotional mountain alone! Expressing yourself, no matter how difficult it may feel at first, is the key to understanding that there's always love and support available in times of distress. Don't be ashamed if life does not match up with the idealized version we often have for ourselves; speak honestly about what makes you anxious or downbeat so that positive steps can be taken toward brighter days. I also realized if the relationships or partnerships are not going to nurtured or if it's going to create toxic environment in your life than, it's better to let it go!

With all these lessons, I wanted to go into 2023 with peace and patience.

I would love to hear your lessons learned.

But let's cheers to 2023 and I wish you all...Happy New Year!


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