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Creating a Self Care Routine and Enabling Environment

If you're like many of us, life can often feel overwhelming and busy. We juggle work, family, friends, and errands - everything seems to be coming at once! We often blame our surroundings, people, and environment for our failures and struggle. Though it may seem impossible sometimes, it is essential to our well-being to take time for self-care to ensure a calmer and healthier lifestyle. And it's all about developing an enabling environment for ourselves. Once you build a thriving environment, all the self-care tips can be achievable.

My purpose is to make you feel empowered.

Here are my three tips to develop enabling environment:

Choose Your Circle of Friends Carefully

The people you associate with significantly impact your overall well-being and success. Now I am in my mid-30s, and I am all about the quality of the friends which bring me empowerment of success. If you want to achieve great things, it's essential to surround yourself with positive people who will support your dreams and help you stay motivated.

On the other hand, if you associate with negative people who are always complaining or putting down others, it's time to reevaluate those relationships. These toxic individuals will only bring you down and make it harder for you to reach your goals. So choose your friends wisely!

Create a Physical Space that Inspires You

Your physical environment also plays a role in your ability to achieve success. As a Scorpio myself, I am all about not disturbing my habitat. Suppose your home or office needs to be more organized and chaotic. In that case, physically or mentally, it can be hard to focus on what's important. But if you create a physical space that inspires you, staying motivated and achieving your goals will be much easier.

When your physical space is organized and uplifting, staying focused on what matters most will be much easier. To do this, start by decluttering your space and getting rid of anything that doesn't serve a purpose or make you happy (We can create a blog post or video on that if you all want). Then, add some personal touches that inspire you, such as plants, quotes that motivate you, or artwork that makes you feel good.

Be Selective About What You Allow into Your Life

In addition to choosing your friends carefully and creating an inspiring physical space, it's also important to be selective about what you allow into your life. This includes the social media influencers you follow, the books you read, and even your daily conversations with your family. Pay attention to the things that make you feel good versus the things that bring you down. My thumb rule is that if the relationship with the person is not nurtured enough, it's time to leave it and move on! This could be your family members too!

When something doesn't make you feel good or doesn't serve a purpose in your life, get rid of it! This may mean unsubscribing from specific email lists, unfollowing negative people on social media, or even ending relationships with toxic individuals.

The bottom line is that if something isn't contributing to your happiness or success, get rid of it!

Finally, it's about being firm, consistent, and optimistic about changes! Now let's talk about my ideal daily self-care schedule!

Ruchita's Daily Self-care Routine

1. Wake Up Early -

One of the best ways to ensure that I am taking care of myself is to wake up early in the morning (well, not always, but I always try to wake up at 6 am). I write a journal, practically my to-do list, and have coffee and peanut butter toast! This gives me some extra time each morning to get ready for the day and use this time to do something just for myself.

2. Start Your Day with Movement -

If I wake up super early, like 5 am. I like to do moving first thing in the morning! This doesn't have to be a full-on workout ( I am not about a workout at all); even just 10 minutes of stretching or 30-min yoga can help get my blood flowing and kickstart my day. It's also an excellent way to energize your body and mind before tackling tasks or obligations head-on.

3. Practice Mindful Eating -

I believe in a plant-based vegan diet. This will not only help improve digestion but also provide mental clarity and overall improved health benefits! Eating should be more than just refueling your body—it should also be an enjoyable experience! That's why planning my menus for the rest of the week became my favorite.

4. Wind Down Before Bedtime -

This one - is the hardest one for me. The guilt of not getting work done is always there, so before getting into bed at night, I try to take some time to wind down and relax—this could include taking a warm bath with essential oils or reading a few pages in a book before turning off the lights for the night. After all, our bodies need rest to function optimally, so giving ourselves enough time before bedtime will help us sleep better too!

5. Start with 2-3 steps AM/PM skincare Routine -

For me waking up, I apply hydrating oil after washing my face with a simple water is my AM routine. Also, at night, I do double cleansing and apply thick balm!

I tried to stay away from those 5-10 steps in skincare rituals.

I tried these five self-care steps, and I am finding peace with these fives, but I am happy to hear your perspectives!

Here you go! With this simple daily self-care schedule, busy moms and young professionals can ensure they take care of themselves no matter how hectic their days may seem! By making small changes like waking up early, practicing mindful eating, engaging in movement activities, and having some "me" time throughout the day – we can ensure we're doing our part in taking care of ourselves regularly! Taking care of ourselves is essential if we want our lives filled with joy and success – so let's start today by incorporating these tips into our daily lives!


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