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What am I packing for Mexico Trip

Before Neev turns two(to travel with him in two plane tickets), we finally decided to take a plunge on air travel! We tried to select a location with no time difference, yet it feels like overseas travel. We decided to go to Mexico, which is close to California. We wanted to test the water before we promised ourselves to travel more than 3 hrs. Last I traveled on an airplane was in May 2019 on our Hawaii trip when I was desperately trying to have a kid. This trip is extra special as it will be my first air travel with my son Neev!

Though I've been to Mexico before, I've only been to Cozumel once, which was nearly a decade ago. I've heard countless rave reviews about the food, the art scene, the culture, and everything Mexico offers. I'm looking forward to some poolside lounging, tacos, and margaritas. In the meantime, here are a few of the things I'm considering for our trip when it comes to skincare!

So, instead of buying many products from other companies the first time, other than sunscreen, I tried to bring the best possible outcomes from my company, Green-Beauty Co.

I didn't realize that I have the full range of facial care. Also, the good thing is I know what is precisely inside each product and why I am applying to this!

Full Disclosure: Most of the products are from my beauty product line! I am not trying to advertise this to anyone. I am proud of myself that I finally created something sustainable and affordable that can be carried on to trip with me!

Here are the skincare products I am bringing in:

1) Cleansers

MCT Cleansing oil is going to be on sale in February. But this is the first time I am giving you a glimpse of cleansing oil here! When it comes to cleansers, I swear by double cleansing; that's why I got my MCT Cleansing oil which will remove all the dirt, gunk, and everything on my skin.

Another cleanser I got is my light-weight floral smelled Lavender Soap. After launching my brand, I got many customer opinions on this, which is all positive. We decided to change the look of the soap using the same formula, and believe it or not, it all feels luxurious and natural to me! (That's why you are also going to see new look of Lavender Soap here in this blogpost)

2) Toner

My 100% rosewater toner is my gem! I know my skin will be exposed to the sun most of the time, so rose water will give me that cooling and hydrating effect that I will need.

3) Moisturizers

If you know me, I am a sucker for oil serums. That's why I have three types of oil serums in my product line. I am taking two of those oil serums with me out of three.

I am planning to use "glow" during day time while supercharging during the night-time. Supercharge contains Jasmin Absolute which reminds me of night-time stories of my grandma while Glow contains excellent quality of rice bran oil, Vitamin C oil soluble, and lavender/vetiver oils. I truly believe that this vitamin C serum is more potent Vitamin C serum than other water-based Vitamin C serums.

4) Sunscreen

Well, I will be on the poolside most of the time, so I decided to use La Roche-Posay sunscreen, which is chemical Sunscreen. This Sunscreen will not give me any white cast link physical sunscreen gives me!

Also, with Glow Oil which has Vitamin C in it, it is essential to protect my skin barrier with Sunscreen. Generally, I am a supergoop sunscreen fan, but I decided to use this one thanks to my friend, a beauty editor in India, who recommended this one on her Instagram.

5) Gua-Sha Tool

Well, this is not a product, but this tool will give me a much-needed wellness retreat right before I get ready for delicious dinners.

So, I am signing off from this blog this week! Hope you all have a great week!


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