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Welcome to Glow & Green

Welcome to Glow & Green

Hi there! Welcome to Glow & Green beauty blog. As this is my first blog post, I would like to keep it brief but informative.

In this first post, I would like to give an overview of Glow & Green, a little bit about myself, and the reason I started this beauty blog.

So yes, welcome. I am very excited to start this blog and connect with you on this virtual platform. Let me first introduce myself.

A Few Words from the Creator

My name is Ruchita, and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am not a beauty editor or a beauty addict nor one of those girls who has perfected the smoky eye on their YouTube channel. But like you I am a consumer of beauty products. I can say that I have 30 plus (duh- my age) years of experience as a beauty consumer. (so quite a huge one :) )

I have worked full-time for a decade in the public sector in the field of sustainability, and I have zero time in the morning when it comes to beauty & makeup. But yes, I do maintain a regular skincare regimen that doesn’t involve a crazy 8-10 step process.

The reason I started this blog was because I was struggling to find sustainable and clean beauty products. And I truly felt that I needed to share on a personal level an awareness of sustainable beauty and wellness. By sharing natural DIY beauty tips and knowledge, this blog intends to help women embrace beauty and wellness. I decided to do this because personal and skin care is a vital part of every woman’s life. We all need clarity, transparency, and assurance in our skin food, i.e. our skincare products.

So here is my story:

When I turned 32, I moved from the East coast to the West Coast. It was a tough transition in my life. I left family and friends and my job. I dealt with several health issues, and the constant stress of getting settled in a new place adversely affected my skin, hair, and body. So I decided to transition from my conventional beauty products to more green and sustainable products. I also decided that instead of looking for the cheapest deal in the beauty aisle, to look into more green and sustainable products for my body. I intended to buy products which are suitable for both me and the planet.

Honestly, it was quite an overwhelming experience when I first started looking into sustainable/green beauty products in my local beauty stores. I got confused and realized that every brand is trying in different ways to prove its sustainability and green principles. I wasn't sure what to believe and what not to. My whole goal was to turn my beauty cabinet into a repository of clean, green, and sustainable beauty products. Overall, it was so hard for me to understand the beauty and wellness industry as an outsider. Not to mention that I was also frustrated with the lack of potency and purity of the products. Nothing was working for me.

I dug deeper into this dilemma and eventually acquired in-depth beauty industry knowledge by earning a diploma in skincare formulation from Formula Botanica. Once I understood what went into beauty products, I slowly started to implement my professional public sector sustainability principles into the field of beauty and wellness. I went back to my roots, which speaks to me as being more sustainable and resilient. Throughout this process, I concluded that we all need transparency and clarity when it comes to personal choices in beauty and wellness.

I genuinely believe that through this blog I can provide you all the much-needed transparency on beauty and personal care products. Also, I want you all to become familiar with beauty marketing terms. I want you to feel cleaner, clearer, and more precise in your mind after visiting my blog.

My Belief on Beauty and Wellness:

Beauty and Wellness

I believe that purchasing beauty and wellness products often creates an emotional experience for us. Because, we think that by spending X amount of money we are going to change how we look and feel, but then sometimes it does no produce the results we want or it turns out horrible.

When it doesn't work out the way we want, we all feel sad, frustrated, and cheated. This happens due to our lack of beauty industry knowledge, or because the beauty industry is not being transparent enough. I felt that frustration two years back, and I learned my lesson the hard way.

Also, one study shows that 87% of women reported that they didn't know how to establish a personal care routine that works for them. Isn't that sad? It is a big deal, in my opinion.

Natural Beauty

So as a result of all this:

I decided to start making my beauty products at home (totally logical, ha!). I want to decode the beauty industry’s standard terminology for all of us. I also want to provide an excellent beauty content platform in layman’s terms, so that all women out there can make informed beauty decisions for herself and the planet.

I want this place to be an unbiased space where women will feel more comfortable talking about their good and bad experiences with the beauty industry. By offering access to honest, high quality beauty content, my blog, Glow & Green, will enhance your knowledge of beauty terms, definitions, trends, and philosophy.

I also want to offer many DIY beauty formulations, which will help women build a basic understanding of beauty product formation. So when you go and buy a facial moisturizer, you can recognize what goes into it. It will help you understand what goes into your skin food when you go purchase commercial beauty products.

So let's begin this fun journey! And stay tuned for the next blog post.

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