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Waterless Facial Cream

Waterless Facial Cream

Here at Glow & Green, I want to promote clean water accessibility where freshwater is the biggest issue. I encourage waterless skincare formulation in my artisan lab. Nowadays, waterless beauty is a big trend in the beauty market. So first,

A Little Bit About Waterless Beauty:

Waterless beauty was first established in South Korea. Skincare brands initially claimed their waterless formulations were potent and pure. Their thinking was that if there is no water, then that means they are providing your skin with the highest value botanical qualities, which is true. Still, I want to reframe our term “waterless,” after which I’ll share with you a skincare recipe. As we mentioned earlier, we want to go one step further when we say “waterless facial cream” or call anything a “waterless natural skincare product.”

Waterless beauty does have a water footprint. I go through the various stages of ingredient production and try to find out whether any water was used during the farming, shipping, or manufacturing of the product! If yes, then for me, it is not a waterless beauty product. There is a term when sustainability is not observed in-depth. It’s called Green Washing. You must have heard this term many times. I want Clean Beauty Magazine to act as a pioneer of sustainability when it comes to beauty.

When I looked at waterless formulations and ingredients in detail, I found that Water is truly the bloodstream of everything we do! Every ingredient has a water footprint in one way or another! That’s why we want our skincare products and all waterless beauty brands out there to be pioneers of water-responsible skincare brands.

So today we are making a facial cream using drought-resistant moringa oil & Fair-trade shea butter. In this formulation, we tried to lower the water footprint of the facial cream and get it to your beauty cabinet in a sustainable way. As we mentioned earlier in our blog (about sustainability), we are tackling three significant issues here: People (by using a Fair Trade ingredient), Profit (both ingredients are cheap and easy to find) & Planet (by making DIY skincare products, you are reducing your water footprint, and this anhydrous formulation is water-responsible).

So without further ado, let’s break down this formula. We don’t need a Brain-Marie or anything; it is just going to be warmed up in the microwave! We are going to make Lavender Scented Moringa Facial Cream:

Here’s how to make it:

Sustainable Skin Care: Water-responsible Facial cream

We will make 2 oz of Facial Cream:

Things you need to make this cream:

  • Glass Bowl

  • 2-oz Jar

  • Microwave

  • Fork


  • 0.9 oz Moringa Oil

  • 0.8 oz Shea Butter

  • 0.2 oz Vitamin E

  • 0.1 oz Lavender Essential Oil


In a glass bowl, use a fork to mash the shea butter. Once it’s melted, slowly start adding moringa oil. Once all the moringa oil added, heat up this mixture for 7-9 seconds in the microwave. Now, re-stir this mixture and add vitamin E & lavender essential oil. If the mixture is total liquid, it is desirable to put it in the freezer for 10 min. Now it’s ready to use!

Moringa oil is carrier oil that easily adopts fragrances. That’s why this facial cream smells fantastic!

Shelf life: 6 months!

Make this wonder facial cream, and tell us about your experience.

Comment below or DM me!

You can buy moringa oil from here!


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