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Skin care products that you need to stop using right now

Buying beauty products for your skin, hair or body can become an emotional process to anyone. Marketing messages on beauty products are so overwhelming. They make you dream to have a flawless body and glowing skin if you purchase their skin care products.

When I experienced same sort of emotional incident in 2018, I felt cheated, I wanted to get into roots and find out what’s inside the beauty jars. And believe it or not, but I found some ugly and disappointing truths abouts skincare products. It was a facial cream which fades your scars, as I spent $250 for 1 oz jar thinking that, my skin will be flawless in a week but when I pulled apart beauty labels, I realized the dirty truth of beauty industry.

Today, I want to share my wisdom on skin care products that we all need to stop purchasing or using it right away! Because those products are just marketing gimmick and totally unsustainable for our planet. Those products might be toxic to your mind, body and spirit as well. So here are my suggestions:

1) Age-reversing skin care products

The word “age-reversing” is so dreamy, we all love that teen-age supple and dewy skin. But let’s be real. You can’t go back in past. You might have heard anti-aging. Anti-aging is preventive skincare while age-reversing is not. So, there is a big difference in that. People who have seen sign of wrinkles or fine lines near eyes or lips area, you can minimize the visibility of those signs but you can’t reverse it. That’s why buying anti-aging product is the preventive care, while age-reversing products are total marketing fluff.

2) Body firming products

If you are one of those, who has baby pooch under your stomach, then forget to buy any body firming skin care products. It’s totally not logical to think that you can formulate some skin care products which can work in one area of your body and firm your skin. So stay away from those products who claims to reduce cellulite or pooch.

3) Creams for every single body part (facial cream, eye cream, cream for chin etc)

Open your beauty cabinet and see, if you have an eye cream, facial cream and cream for your elbow. Yes, then let’s talk about how creams are made. Generally, creams are made out of mainly water, oils, and emulsifier (which is an agent who make sure that your oil and water can’t get separated). Once your cream contains hydrating and emollient agent (which every single cream contains), you don’t need separate skin care formula thus products for every single types.

Although, this list is not exclusive, but according to me, I found that, these three are the common one where we always get .


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