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Recipe: Sustainable Anti-pollution Hair Mask

Sustainable Hair Mask Recipe

Hey guys, happy June! Summer is right around the corner. Last week, I published a  DIY Ingredient Alert: Watermelon Seed Oil, I explained the many hair related benefits of this oil. That's why many people contacted me regarding their hair issues. I got lots of emails/messages, and I saw that many of us are trying to deal with the harsh heat of this hot summer month.

As summer vacations are in full swing, you guys might need to revitalize your hair. To do so, I always suggest using pure and natural ingredients. In this blog post, I'm about to share a DIY recipe that will do wonders for your hair. Yes, let's make a simple and easy sustainable anti-pollution hair mask.

This blog post is for all those women who are struggling with dull and dry hair.

In this recipe, you don't need to buy anything extra; you can make this mask simply by reaching into your kitchen pantry. This nourishing hair mask contains banana peel, baobab oil, agave, and gooseberry oil (a.k.a. Ayurvedic amla oil). This hair mask is the perfect example of an eco-friendly home-based product.

Ingredient Breakdown

Banana peel

Banana peel is a great one to use on the hair. It has phytochemicals, polyphenols and carotenoids. Since these are types of antioxidants, they will help protect your hair from air pollution and sun damage. Besides antioxidants, banana peels contain lots of potassium and lutein, which is not only helpful for your hair but also for the skin.

Baobab oil

Baobab oil is another source of antioxidants that protect hair and skin against any free radical damage. This oil contains vitamin C (6 times more than an orange!), vitamins A and B, and fatty acids. It is an African oil, and it is one of the best African oils in town. Due to its high vitamin C content, it protects the carotene element of the hair.


Agave acts as a humectant in skincare and haircare formulations (A humectant is an ingredient that locks moisture into your skin or hair). Agave also contains polysaccharides, saponins, inulin, fructose, and many hydroxyl groups that make them hydrophilic (they attract water). This ingredient adds a luxurious shine to hair.

Gooseberry oil, a.k.a. amla oil

Gooseberry oil is a widely popular oil in Ayurvedic practices. This ingredient has lots of benefits, such as reducing hair loss, split ends, and many other issues. It contains essential fatty acids, which will strengthen your hair and add luster. It also prevents dandruff, dry or flaky scalp, and prematurely graying hair.

Let's dig into the recipe!

Sustainable Anti-pollution Hair Mask


  • Two ripe banana peels (the riper the banana, the better it is)

  • 2 tbsp. agave

  • 3 tbsp. baobab oil

  • Amla oil as required (I use 3-4 tsp.)


Using a high-performance blender, blend the ripe banana peels, baobab oil, and amla oil. Once it becomes smooth, add agave.

(Optional: Add egg yolk for extra conditioning)

Apply this paste to your hair and keep it there for 20-25 minutes.

Use a hairnet so that it will not drip throughout your home.

Wash your hair with natural shampoo and conditioner.

Shelf life:

Immediate use.

Try out this natural recipe, and let me know what you think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts. Food waste such as banana peels is underutilized; this is our effort to make an eco-friendly beauty product.

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