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How to Make Natural Beetroot Blush


I am so excited today! Because this is my first blog post that belongs to makeup, not skin care. I am making Natural Beetroot Blush using food waste. I love beetroot as a vegetable, but how about applying this vegetable to our faces! Why not, right? At Sephora, you might find many blushes at a hefty price.

This recipe, however, not only to saves your money, but also gives you full control over your personal skincare products. I found that when it comes to sustainable makeup, I generally see brands claiming to have sustainable packaging, but what about the sustainable ingredients themselves.

My goal at Glow & Green is to give your full control while promoting aspects of sustainability for the environment. Check out our Instagram post, you will find fantastic information about food scraps & food waste out in the world. (Follow us @glowngreen).

For this recipe, I will use beetroot peel powder, rice flour, arrowroot powder, and some mica (which is optional). All these ingredients are non-toxic and harmless. It’s well known that as a food, beetroot is high on the nutritional side.

However, this same vegetable, which is high in iron and vitamins, also finds multiple uses in your beauty routine. From making your cheeks rosy to adding highlights to your hair, beetroot plays a significant role in this formulation. For this recipe, we will use beetroot stems. When you go and buy beetroot from the grocery store or the farmers market, normally you throw away the leaves and stems.

Instead, I suggest you use this food scrap and turn it into a beautiful product. I cut up the beetroot stems and dehydrate them. Once they’re fully dehydrated, I put them into a chutney mixer or grinder and make it into powder. After the beetroot powder is ready, I try to sift it twice using a fine sieve. In that way, you are getting the most excellent particles of the beetroot. Once this powder is ready, set it aside. Along with beetroot powder, arrowroot powder, and rice flour are also very gentle on your cheeks.

So without further due, let's make powdered beetroot blush:

To make this fantastic product:

We need:

  • 1 teaspoon Rice Powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon Arrowroot Powder

  • 1 teaspoon Beetroot Powder

  • 1/8 teaspoon Glitter Mica (optional)

To make this blush:

First, using a plastic strainer funnel, sift the rice powder and the arrowroot powder. Mix them well. When you do this, you are separating the lumps. Now sift the beetroot powder again. Mix it


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