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Natural Beauty Product: Face Cleanser

Carrot-Rosemary Face cleanser

During our beauty regimen (check out our Ayurvedic regimen details here), we all cleanse, exfoliate & moisturize on day-to-day basis. It sounds simple, right? Yet it requires determination. And sometimes beauty products do not do their job the way we want them to. So, we lose our confidence. That's why I am making some awareness calls here. & that's why I would like to share the simple, sustainable recipe so that you don't lose your determination. 

When you go to the beauty store or an online site, have you ever checked the ingredient on the back of the product? If not, then get into the habit of doing this. If you are looking at every ingredient and nutrition fact on the packaging of your food, then why not do the same for your beauty food. And if yes, then that’s great. 

We know that the first ingredient in almost every toner & cleanser on the market is water, aka Aqua. When the first ingredient is water, it implies that the majority of the product is made up of water. So we are paying big bucks for water!

Today’s beauty recipe consists of non-toxic, clean & natural ingredients, which you can buy from amazon. Aside from this advantage, you also know what's inside; you control everything and you can customize and personalize your own skincare product. 

Now let's break down what's inside and how these ingredients are helpful. This skincare formulation consists of Dr. Bronner's pure-castile soap. (it's not a raw ingredient, but it's perfect for this recipe. Try to get the unscented one). Rosemary essential oil, rosemary CO2 extract, and carrot peel infused rosehip oil.

Before you start making the formula itself, let's first talk about how to make infused rosehip oil using carrot peels.

Process for Making Carrot Peel Infused Oil:

First, only use organic carrot peels, as we don't want to put anything that has been exposed to pesticides on our skin. Wash your organic carrot peels with tap water and make them completely dry. Make sure the carrot peels do not have any water on them. Now, turn your oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put your carrot peels into the oven for 5-10 minutes. Check periodically to see how they are turning out. 

Please make sure the color of carrot peels doesn't go away, but it needs to be dehydrated before you put them in the rosehip oil. Now in the slow cooker (keep it at a low setting), use an 80:20 ratio of rosehip oil & dehydrated carrot peel. Let it soak for the whole night. Now, using a coffee filter, filter out the carrots and hold onto the oil! Vitamin C and niacin are most concentrated in the carrot peel, rather than in the carrot itself. Vitamin C is one of the vital tonics for removing dirt from your facial skin. Rosehip oil helps hydrate, moisturize as well as promotes the production of collagen in your skin. It also protects against sun damage and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Since castile soap is made from safe, pure plant oils, it is considered safe for even the most sensitive skin types. Using castile soap can help oily, acne-prone skin as well. The oils found in the soap penetrate pores with their antibacterial agents, helping to clean your skin without drying it out. We are using rosemary CO2 extract & essential oil because they are excellent antioxidants, and they help remove all harmful substances from our skin!

So Let's Break Down A Natural Beauty Product Recipe: Face Cleanser

1.2 oz Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap

0.6 oz Carrot Peel Infused-Rosehip Oil

0.1 oz Rosemary CO2 Extract

0.1 oz Rosemary Essential Oil

This is how you make it:

Mix together Dr. Bronner pure-castile soap and carrot peel-infused rosehip oil in one container. Stir it until it becomes homogeneous. Now add rosemary CO2 extract & essential oil one by one. Shake it well! And that's it, the cleanser is ready.

You can customize this facial cleanser by using a different kind of oil and extract.

Let me know what you think about this recipe! Try it and let us know how you like it.

Take care until we meet again in August.


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