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Boss Series: Interview with Ancient Harmony Healing Founders

Ancient Harmony Healing - Beauty Brand
Ancient Harmony Healing

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Erin & Anika, the founders of Ancient Harmony Healing skincare brand, and get their two cents on how they went clean, their must-have beauty products and more! Read on to hear more about their story:

Little bit about Ancient Harmony Healing in their words:

"We are a family run business.  Our family has been dedicated to spiritualism and light energy work of all kinds for four generations, and from that we bring to fruition Ancient Harmony Healing.  We want to bring products into this world that empower, inspire, and support the highest intentions for all.

For our Intention Line, each product has a statement of intention, coupled with essential oils, crystals and/or other energies to support you in manifesting the statement of intention. 

In our Skincare Line, our unique blend of nature-based, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients is made for the most sensitive skin.  Loaded with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients, it works hard to soothe, hydrate, and brighten.

Our products have only natural ingredients from environmentally sustainable sources, and are created in a sacred space of light and love.  We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!  Many Blessings!" (Check out here)

But before we do that, I want to write about their brand mission, so here is their mission in their own words:

"We are passionate about what we put on and in our bodies. Inspired by the Medical Medium who has influenced our journey to healing, we created a company that reflects our belief that living well means using real ingredients from nature. 

Our company also reflects our understanding that the high vibration of crystals and plants can be used to heal, balance the mind, and invigorate the spirit. Using only natural ingredients from environmentally sustainable sources, our products are created in a sacred space of light and love.  We hope you enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!  Many Blessings!"

I met these amazing two ladies in one social gathering. For some reason, there were the first one to get noticed by me.

And I immediately went there and started talking with them. I love their simplicity and the way they approach the beauty in their life. We talked about their amazing brand for quite sometime. I happen to get cleansing powder and night oil from that event(Thanks Cassandra for the event)!

I started using it! On that time, I was struggling with extreme breakouts and I started seeing the result in a month.

After this experience, I thought I really want my readers to know about this!  I immediately booked my interview in early January; And here we are with amazing two person's opinion  and story behind their brand.

Here are the Questions, I asked:

  • Define Ancient Harmony in 3 words

Erin/Annika: Healing, Intentional and Wellness

  • Fun Facts about yourself


  • I have 3 toddlers under 14 months. Due to this, it pushed me hard to go to natural route.

  • Running is my new passion & I am training myself for half marathon in Disney.


  • Before I started this company, I was a lawyer. & I worked as a paralegal for 15 years.

  • I am a dog lover. I have four dogs an I go to doggie venture every night

  • What inspired you to start the brand?

Erin: Annika and I, we both suffer from chronic illness like eczema.  After a lot of bad experiences, Annika started finding natural ingredients to heal & we both started talking about how to use those ingredients to help us heal and feel good.

That’s how Ancient Harmony Healing started. Meditation and healing are big part of our lives. That’s why we started this brand where we also have a meditation line as well.

  • Name your top 3 Favorite Products from your brand



  • Your Go-to DIY recipe

Erin: I make my own shea body butter with calendula oil & some essential oils in it.

Annika: After I cleanse my face with Ancient Harmony cleansing powder, I apply maple syrup on my face. It is my go-to face mask.

  • Best Skin & Hair Tricks you have been using forever

Erin: For my hair – I have very oily scalp. So I wash my hair every day. To conquer this, I use non-soap shampoo from DermaChange.

For my skin: During Daytime, I dedicated myself to use our cleansing line. Specially, for cleansing, we carry a cleansing oil which I use during the daytime and cleansing powder during night time.


For hair: My trick is not to wash my hair every day.

For skin: Right after the shower, I apply our Ancient Healing Harmony Toner while my face is damp. Then, I apply facial oil. In that way I lock the moisture on my face.

  • If you could give ancient Healing Harmony to some celebrity – who would be?

Erin & Annika: Shailene Woodley

  • What’s your go-to activity for relaxation using your products?

Erin: I do two things to relax 1) Use our Intention Spray & 2) walk in woods. I am so fortunate to live near woods and trails, so I like to walk in woods. It gives me ultimate relaxation.

Annika: For me relaxations means using our crystal & essential oils. Ancient Harmony Healing Brand carries those high vibration products. Practicing those products is my way of getting relaxation.

  • Coffee or Tea

Erin & Annika: Tea it is!!!

I highly encourage you all to go and visit their website! They have meditation line and skincare line. They also host facial parties. If you are from Bay Area please go ahead and take an opportunity to go there! You will thank me for sure!

Let me know if you would like me to write about brands and their stories! Comment us and please subscribe to our newsletter. We are sending amazing DIY recipes every week.

Meanwhile, See you  all in next blog post!!


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