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Body-Calming Oil

Body-Calming Oil

Body-Calming Oil

I have a "Work from Home" situation for the last two weeks. And I realized while staying home, I just love making facial & body oils. With stressed and daunting feelings the whole time due to this situation,

I decided to use tons of herbs and make excellent therapeutic oils for my body. It's entirely satisfactory to find tons of anti-stress properties in Ayurvedic herbs, which can be converted into awesome oils afterwords. After applying these oils over a week,

I seriously feel less stress and calm. So, I switched from regular body moisturizer to body oil for good. This is one single ingredient I wanted in my life right now.

When I was going through this change, I thought why not I shared some knowledge on this and really helped you to get through this tough time-with this simple concept, "Herbal Oil." Maybe, it will help you the same way. Herbal oils are popular full-body wellness products.

It is not only benefiting the skin, softening and soothing, but also on a deeper level, bringing wellness within.

Trust me, this article will save you not only physically but mentally as well. And lastly, who wants to go to the store while we can make these oils using simple 2-3 ingredients while keeping social distancing, right?

So, let's just go into details first about what herbal oil is, how can you use it, and then some sample recipe. I also want to share a few combinations you can use if you are

Ayurveda Oil

What is Herbal Body Oil?

Herbal oils are actually marriage between plant solvent and oil. It can be achieved via the process of maceration or infusion. During the process of maceration, the herb's soluble element dissolves inside carrier oil.

And carrier oil adopted the therapeutic quality of the oil. (I wrote about carrier oil here) And when you apply herbal oil to your body, your skin will absorb the herb's quality.

Herbal oils are different than essential oil. You can not apply essential oil directly to your skin while herbal oil can. As both oils are useful to your skin, herbal oil is totally safe to apply on your skin.

It's gentle and safe for daily use. Since every herb contains some kind of unique properties, you will get the benefit of that quality in your herbal oil as well.

How do you use body oil?

Body oil can work wonders to your skin, but there is a catch if it applies correctly. It is necessary to apply oil to damp skin straight out of the shower to moisturize your skin.

Apply a small amount of oil all over to the body while the skin has some moisture. In that way, you can get gentle, dewy, and glowy skin.

The other way you can use body oil by practicing herbal self-massage before the shower. In Ayurveda, it's called "Abhyanga." Just 5-minute massage practice is a transformative practice. I think it is really underrated in the wellness world.

Especially when we are home all the time, it's good practice to circulate blood flow. It's always good to make such a positive difference. I still remember my mom used to give me carom seeds herbal oil massage when I feel sick or have good blood flow going.

So, let's just find out what kind of herbs we can use? We want to make body-calming herbal oils. So let's get down into herb details.

Top 5 Body Calming Herbs


Yes, this is my hero ingredient. It is something about this herb that gives me calmness. It takes away all my stress. Lavender flower and its extracts are popular in use, both internally and externally, for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

Dry Lavender flowers retain the same properties. This herb works as a sedative element in your body oil. It increases relaxation and calmness, It interacts with neurotransmitter GABA to help quiet the brain and nervous system activity, reducing agitation, anger, aggression, and restlessness. 


This is my second favorite herb. There are two types of chamomile you can find: 1)Roman Chamomile 2) German Chamomile. 

Roman chamomile is traditionally considered to be an antiseptic, antibiotic, bactericidal, fungicidal plant. The main phenolic compounds found in Roman Anthemis Nobilis herbal material and in its decoction and infusion are flavonoids, phenolic acids, and derivatives.

German chamomile, Matricaria recutita, extracts have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and are used for many different skin conditions.

This activity happens due to chamazulene, ?-bisabolol, and apigenin components.Bi-bisabolol has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. Both types of chamomiles are great for herbal infusions. 

Tulsi/Holy Basil: 

In Ayurveda, Tulsi, or Holy Basil, has been used for centuries to support immunity, stress response, anti-aging, and the body's natural detoxification process.

Tulsi is a powerful "adaptogen," an intelligent herb that adapts to physical, emotional, and environmental stress, then works to normalize and balance the body.

Stress is linked to many aspects of both physical and mental health, and healing and balance can only come about when the underlying stress is identified and addressed.

Adaptogens reduce the intensity and negative impact of physical, emotional, and environmental stressors. (  So inevitably, I will get my Tulsi in your body oil. 

Ashwagandha Roots: 

This is another Ayurveda herb, I used a lot to make infusions. Ashwagandha is a well-known adaptogen. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sleep. Well, the fragrance of the Ashwagandha is not as pleasant as lavender & chamomile (in my opinion). Still, it is a really beneficial herb when it comes to oil maceration. 

Rose Petals 

You can't go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Many times, rose flowers are reserved for special occasions, but how about enjoying those flowers every single day! Yes by infusing rose petal into carrier oil will help you achieve that.

By including rose petals into carrier oil infusion, it provides natural soothing, nourishing to the skin. Elements in rose petals act as an antioxidant that fights free radicals. They are also very effective in reducing oil overproduction in fatty skin types.


So without further due, here is my recipe of Body Calming Herbal Oil: 

DIY Beauty Recipe: Herbal Oil

Body-Calming Herbal Oil:

Overall process

To make this body-calming herbal oil, I am using Instant Pot, but you can use a slow cooker if you want.

But in general, there are two types of oil infusion out there. 1) Cold Infusion, 2) Warm Infusion. If you are in a hurry, then, make the warm infusion. Cold immersion is more like a natural process. 

In general, to make any herbal oil, pour oil over herbs & infusion process starts. Think about making a tea, submerge herbs with oil entirely. To infuse an oil- you begin by filling a mason jar 2/3 of the way with dried herbs. I like my infusion a little bit stronger side, so I added 1/2 herbs & 1/2 oil. 

For "cold infusion," which is to let it sit for 4 weeks in dark space before straining the oil. 

Or, you can use the "warm infusion," which is to gently warm the oil, encouraging the extraction to happen quicker, in 10-12 hours using a slow cooker. 

Strain it and apply it; that's basically it. 

DIY Body Calming Herbal Oil 

25 Gram Dried Lavender 

25 Gram Chamomile 

50 Gram Olive Oil 

  1. Measure herbs and put it aside

  2. Sanitize your mason jars and keep it totally dry. Adding moisture into your herbal infusion is not at all good 

  3. Now select your process, are you up for cold infusion process or warm? I showed two ways below for your understanding.


  1. Add measured herbs and olive oil into a mason jar and close it tight. Keep it in the dark space for 4 weeks. Make sure you shake the bottle so that all the herbs are mixed well with the oil. After 4 weeks, strain the oil using a coffee filter. And transfer into an airless pump bottle. That's it


  1. Once you measured oil & herbs, mix it in a mason jar & keep it aside. 

  2. In your instant pot or slow cooker pot, fill some water and keep it in high mode (for slow cooker) or Sterilize mode (for instant pot ) for an hour. Don't put mason jar inside your instant pot or slow cooker yet. 

  3. Once the temperature is hot, convert the mode into the "Keep Warm" mode. Now it's time to put your mason jar. 

  4. Set the timer for 12 hours(I generally do overnight).

  5. After 12 hours, strain the oil using a coffee filter. 

  6. Transfer filtered oil into an airless pump bottle. 

Apply this body oil before or after a shower. I used a coffee filter because I don't like any granular particles in my oil. Again, it can clog your pump bottle as well. 

I am sure this body oil will give you much-needed relaxation. It will keep you away from stress for sure. Make this beauty and let me know what do you think about these recipes. 

If you have any further questions in terms of which herbs should I use? Or How many herbs can I use? Feel free to email me:

Meanwhile, please stay safe! Self-Isolation can be daunting, and it can affect your wellness. It is time to find self-love and provide community love! 


Glow & Green 


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