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5 Healthy Habits to Adopt Before Going on Date

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt Before Going on Date
5 Healthy Habits to Adopt Before Going on Date

Well, I am married for almost 15 years now and we still sometimes sneak ourselves from baby duties and enjoy occasional date lunches or dinners! I feel balance is equally important. Everything weather its baby, marriage, or career - they all part of your life and these parts add up and create beuatiful life! (enough preaching talk haha). But when it comes to date night, we do mostaly lunches :) as we have a help during daytime.

But when it comes to date, I still think about everything... What to wear in terms of clothes, perfume, and make up….but in all these preparations, I used to forget skin which I am going to wear it no matter what. After starting Glow & Green, now I am all about skin, beauty, and wellness first. I feel our skin is like our canvas. If that's clean, and happy then we are happy.

So here are my 5 habits which you can adopt to get your body ready for your date from head to toe!

Care for Hair?

One prayer that we all have, especially on special days like these is - Please let it not be a bad hair day! But is your hair really to blame for you? You can take care of your hair health by following some simple hair regimes such as massaging your scalp with beneficial hair oils to promote hair growth and healthy hair. Additionally, you can reduce the use of heat styling products especially now during winters!

Dark Circles? Jeez…

The right question in today’s times is, who does not have dark circles?? could be you! So instead of relying on concealers why not eliminate them! Well while the obvious answer is to get some extra rest, we all know that’s not happening! So you can either put soaked tea bags to ease up the puffiness or yet another efficient ritual is to make an easy potato peel eye mask. All you have to do is clean your potato peels and arrange them on the ice tray. Then add some distilled water to it and freeze it until they become potato peel ice cubes. Then wrap it in a cloth and put it around your eyes and voila!

Steam Up!

Facial Steaming is that one beauty practice that people think belong to the saloons and spas but it is right under their noses! A healthy habit to clean your face and open up your pores is steaming. Steaming not only helps you get that natural glow but also cleanse your skin thoroughly, throwing out all the acne-causing bacteria and germs. They stimulate the sebaceous glands of the skin which naturally moisturise your skin. Furthermore, it tightens your skin and relieves you of all your stress and headache.

Get the nails done!

The first rule of healthy nails is to Keep Away from Acetone! If you are a person who likes to apply a lot of nail paint, try using nail paint removers that have natural bases such as aloe vera or lavender oil.

Granted that habits die hard, if you are someone who chews their nails a lot, then get your nails painted, the smell of nail paint will prevent you from chewing on them! Lastly, do not ignore them! Be it while applying sunscreen or moisturiser, nails are often avoided. Take a minute extra and hydrate them too!

Last but not the least!

Your feet. Watching your feet cracked up in your sandals are biggest no! They crack and dry up specially around these time. So here’s an easy trick to exfoliate and nourish your feet - the papaya and sugar foot scrub! Mix papaya pulp, sugar and coconut oil and apply for feet as soft as pillows!

Let me know what do you all think about these tips! Love to hear your tips as well.


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