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Why Should You Love Organic Skincare?

Why should you choose organic skincare

Organic products are everywhere, from the Sunday farmer's market to your local pharmacy. And I totally get that this makes for a somewhat confusing experience as a buyer! Many questions can arise, such as: Is it good for you? Which one is the better one out of all the options?

So here at Glow & Green, I aim to decode all the terminology around "Organic Skincare Products Facts."

I wrote about various definitions for the Glow & Green community here, here, and here!

But since my followers still had multiple questions, I think it is worth to write a blog post about 5 more reasons why I love organic skincare products!

So, here are those reasons!

1. Organic skin care is not treated with any synthetic pesticides or herbicides

If you look back at the supply chain, every beauty ingredient is harvested one way or another on a farm. While growing the crops, organic farmers do not use any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other synthetic chemicals as do growers of conventional beauty ingredients. That's why organic skincare products are more pure, potent and clean.

2. Organic skin care products are eco-friendly!

Organic farming doesn’t just benefit the end-users of its products, it is also the best management practice in terms of sustainability. By being less dependent on oil-based fertilizers and pesticides, organic farming methods offer a practical model for addressing climate-friendly production of food and beauty ingredients. This method of farming also retains higher levels of carbon in the soil. (formula botanica)

3. Organic skin care products are better for your wallet (in the long run)

Anybody who’s ever switched from drugstore skincare or conventional skincare products to organic skincare brands might be laughing at the idea that the switch could be good for your wallet, but there is merit to this statement! The average consumer buys these products from fancy brands for big bucks. But if you replace your luxury, designer, or even spa brands with natural and organic brands, you’re very likely to spend much less, as local organic skincare brands are most likely to obtain the ingredients locally.

4. With organic skin care products, you won't get skin reactions!

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it! When we analyzed the ingredients of both high-end and drugstore beauty products, we couldn't believe the amount of potentially harmful ingredients we had been putting on our bodies. Skin is a self-repairing and self-reacting organ, and that’s why it will give you reactions when you put something toxic on it. By choosing organic skincare ingredients, you are bypassing all those skin reactions. Your skin will less likely experience any adverse effects.

5. The term “organic" is regulated by FDA

In 1990, the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (pdf) came into effect in the United States. Of all the beauty definitions, such as "natural," "clean," "sustainable," "vegan," etc., only the term organic is regulated. So, it is worth looking at a beauty product's ingredients and check the quantities. In fact, at Clean Beauty Magazine, we wrote about how you can select organic skincare products!

So, these are our five reasons to love organic skincare products! We have listed our favorite organic skincare brands below! Check them out and let us know if you have used them in the past or are using them right now! We would love to hear your opinions on them!


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