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What is Waterless Beauty?

Waterless Beauty

The beauty industry is all about innovations and fast change! When people go out and buy beauty products, often it is an emotional purchase. In the skincare & wellness industry, I have seen many beauty brands who claim to be a "waterless beauty brand."

Many times, these buzz words turn into something big, and people gravitate towards those products emotionally & ethically. Nothing wrong with that! But these claims have to be made with solid research, as well as with a holistic overview. As the creator of Glow & Green, I sometimes think that those things are overlooked.

At Glow & Green HQ, I take these claims very seriously and think one step forward. I want our readers and followers to have some awareness, and to approach this issue with us. If you are a regular reader, you might have seen our waterless/anhydrous recipes here and here! We like our beauty recipes to be pure and potent, but we don't claim that these recipes are waterless! They are water-responsible! Yes! Absolutely, but not waterless.

Why is it so important?

The beauty industry is turning towards sustainable skin care. Water scarcity is a major global crisis: currently, one in nine people do not have access to clean drinking water. Experts estimate that by 2025, one in two people will live with water stress. It should therefore not come as a surprise that the beauty industry has turned its attention to water. (referenced) Big companies like L'Oréal has committed to reducing 60% of water consumption per finished product by 2020, compared to the amounts it used in 2005.

They are already making efforts to reduce water consumption at their plants. Unilever has launched a water-smart initiative that aims to develop products across its brands to reduce its water footprint. The brand's new Love Beauty and Planet collection, launched in 2018 in the United States, incorporates "fast-rinse technology" in hair conditioners so less water will be used. (Referenced)

So this waterless beauty trend is here not just to stay but to get bigger! As a #homemade skincare formulator, what do we need to know about this!?

Let's define: What is Waterless Beauty?

As a homemade skincare formulator, waterless beauty means that when you formulate any skincare product, you do not include water in it! That's the simple definition. But, as I said earlier, at Glow & Green, I think it's not waterless because our simple hair oil recipes still contain a water footprint!

Let's look at an example of a product's water footprint and apply it to beauty industry standards. An anhydrous almond facial oil will have gone through the following stages that all involve water: farming almonds, harvesting crops, extracting and processing the oil from the seed, shipping the oil as beauty ingredients, manufacturing them, and then delivering them to customers.

All these stages involve water! So we cannot call this product waterless, but we can call it "water-responsible"! We are not opposing this product by any means, as there is still a place for anhydrous formulations on the market. These products should always come under the category of "water-responsible."

Water is life for everyone! We should use it conservatively, as we are running out of it!

We are so proud of our skincare industry and customers. For these efforts, we are going to send Zero-Waste Beauty Boxes to 30 of our readers and followers! The products inside this box will be pure, potent, water-responsible, and made out of food waste ingredients!

Please email me if you are interested in getting this box. I would love to chat with you and develop a personalized experience for you.

Until then! We will see you guys next week.


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