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Summer Strategies for Your Beauty Routines

Summer has arrived in its entire glory, and now it is time to ditch leggings and replace moisturizers with sunscreens. The essence of summer with its sweet perks can only be enjoyed only if one does immense skincare and adjusts the beauty routine accordingly.

The summer might be the best time to go on a vacation, but it brings many beauty challenges, too, such as oily skin, adamant acne, frizzy hair, and breakouts. The idea of soaking in bright sunlight after surviving winter blues might seem appealing but taking in too much sunlight is dangerous for your skin.

Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays present in sunlight breaks down melanin present in the skin. This results in tanning and specific cases, skin cancer. Go through the following summer strategies for your beauty routine so that you can go out and have fun with complete confidence.


The idea of having healthy and luscious hair is the dream of many people. The intense summer heat can wreak havoc on your hair and make it appear dull and rough.

Summer Hair Problem

The summer activities such as swimming or basking under the sun might seem exciting, but they can harm hair through ultraviolet rays and chlorinated water. The humid climate and excessive sweating dampen the hair and strip away its shine. Showering and repeatedly shampooing due to sweating also damage the hair as it robs hair of hydration.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt a summer hair care routine to make your hair stay healthy and shiny.

Things to Avoid During Summer for Hair Care

Avoid washing hair repeatedly: If you feel a need to shower every day, then make a habit of washing hair with dry shampoo as it does not harm the hair roots but gives texture and volume to the hair. The dry shampoo comes in spray and powder form, which you can apply to hair using your fingers. This will absorb grease, and clean hair like ordinary shampoos do.

Avoid heat styling products: Artificial heating can further damage your hair. Place the hairdryer in the drawer and use a towel or air to dry your hair. Avoid using heat styling products excessively as they cause frizz and parched locks.

Use live-in conditioners: Hot weather means frizzy hair and split ends. Make a habit of using live-in conditioners to deeply moisturize your scalp and nurture the healthy growth of hair.

Protect your hair against sun: The burning sunlight can fade the color of your hair and make it look dull. Take out that hat you have always wanted to pair with the summer outfit. Avoid going out in broad sunlight without wearing anything to protect your hair.

Spa like Treatment for your Hair

Give your hair the ultimate hairdo by rinsing your hair in the apple cider vinegar mask. First, take half a glass of apple cider vinegar and dilute it in one and one and a half cups of water to create a solution.

Then add about two to three drops of lavender essential oil to mask away from the strong smell of apple cider vinegar and give off a sweet floral scent. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spritz the mixture onto your dry roots and massage it thoroughly into your scalp. Leave the mixture on for about five to ten minutes, and then rinse your hair with cold water.


The skin is the most exposed and the largest organ of the body; therefore, it is essential to protect the body against the sun's harmful rays.

Summer Body Problems

The scorching heat and tempting temperature make one go splashing in the sea's cool waters, but staying submerged in water for a long time strips away a layer of bacterial flora, such as staph epidermis and Corynebacterium, which play a vital role in maintaining proper skin function.

Things to Avoid During Summer for Body Care

Try incorporating the following habits to take care of your body during summer:

Take quick showers: A long and warm bath feels relaxing during winter but can become harmful during summer; therefore, trade-in your long showers for quick, lukewarm ones.

Use antioxidant-based moisturizer: Free radicals on the skin can cause skin aging; therefore, use antioxidant-rich products to stabilize the impact of free radicals.

Take care of hydration: Since the body is made up of water mainly, it is vital to drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. Apart from water, consuming healthy fat and electrolytes is essential in keeping the body hydrated and supporting the skin barrier.

Spa like Treatment for your Body

Give your body a youthful look by exfoliating it with a body scrub or dry brushing it at least once a week. Make a body scrub by combining two to three cups of sugar with one cup of coconut oil. Then, mix the concoction thoroughly and apply it to your body before taking a bath.

Scrub the mixture and exfoliate hour skin for five minutes. Then take a cool shower to strip away the mixture. Your skin will become soft and tender.

Facial Skin

The face is the epitome of skincare and requires tender care to look vibrant and glowing.

Summer Facial Skin Problems

Cleansing frequently can strip away natural moisture from the skin since repeated exfoliation robs the skin of natural oils, fats, and natural moisturizing factors that retain water from inside the body. These components are essential in keeping your skin hydrated. Lack of these components slows down the natural process of cell turnover and leaves the skin dry and coarse.

Things to Avoid During Summer for your Facial Skin

Make a face look fresh and smooth by avoiding the following beauty mistakes:

Avoid sleeping with make-up on: Wearing layers of makeup clogs pores and makes the skin devoid of natural air. The clogged pores accumulate dust and dirt, which causes acne and leads to a breakout.

Try wearing light makeup and wash your face with cool water. Afterward, apply a sunscreen with SPF over 15 and if the sunscreen doesn't suit you, then wear a moisturizer with SPF tendency to protect your face from the harsh sunlight.

Incorporate vitamin C in your skincare routine: Vitamin C works wonders for your skin. It has many benefits, such as defusing free radicals and encouraging collagen production, which plays a vital role in keeping your skin intact. Vitamin C also protects against hyperpigmentation and in evening out skin tone.

Spa like Treatment for your Facial Skin

Facial masks play a massive role in making your face glow fresh and healthy. Make a natural face mask comprised of rice flour, Dahi, and rose petal powder.

Take about one tablespoon of rice flour, one tablespoon of rose petal powder, and Dahi as required. Mix half a cup of each ingredient and apply it on the face evenly. Leave the mask on for about ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. Keep repeating this procedure up to three times a week for quick results.

This mask can also be used to calm overheated skin or red skin, sunburn, and heat rash.


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