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Soothing Homemade Coconut Soap with Rolled Oats + Turmeric

When was the last time you questioned the loyalty of your customized body wash? If never, then you should now.

Nearly all the body wash bottles, no matter how expensive they are, contain harsh chemicals for preservation. These chemicals include parabens or formaldehyde. Both chemicals are harmful to your skin, especially when you have some specific skin type.

In contrast, bar soaps don’t contain any sort of chemical preservatives, especially when it is a homemade soap bar. The absence of chemicals is because of no water usage within the soap.

In this article, we will be explaining how Melt and Pour soap base can be customized using natural ingredients at home. We will use coconut soap-base with rolled oats and Turmeric in this recipe, giving you 100% nourishment in the coming season.

Skin Benefits of Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are not hidden from you. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties. Its benefits include,

  • Treat rashes, prevent inflammation and skin diseases.

  • Promote wound healing hence beneficial for acne-prone skin.

  • Nourish and moisturize your dry skin,particularly in winters.

  • It strengthens the skin barrier.

  • It provides you with soft, soothing skin.

  • It gets absorbed in the skin easily.

We will be using a Coconut oil soap base rather than a simple base for the best nourishing experience.

Skin Benefits of Rolled Oats

People have been using rolled oats as a home remedy to get soothing skin for centuries. It helps in moisturizing, cleansing, and exfoliating.

  • It allows dead skin cells to shed away.

  • Soothes sensitive skin by reducing itchiness.

  • It is also anti-inflammatory

  • Maintain optimal pH level of the skin; hence there will be the least chance of acne/pimples.

  • Top skincare brands use rolled oats because it has lowest allergic risk.

We will take rolled oats in-ground semi-powdered form for proper mixing.

Skin Benefits of Turmeric

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric have come from its component, curcumin. Curcumin is anti-oxidant rich, bio-active component.

· Turmeric contains properties that result in a natural glow.

  • It has a positive effect on tissues and collagen, hence helps in reducing acne.

  • Curcumin protects our skin from bacterial infections.

  • It helps in reducing scars from acne or injury.

  • It reduces acne pigmentation.

  • Because of its anti-bacterial properties, it will act as a preservative within your soap.

Recipe for Homemade Soothing Soap

Once we have done acknowledging the benefits of Turmeric, Coconut oil, and Rolled oats, let’s get into the recipe of preparing homemade soothing soap.


Turmeric Powder: You can easily buy dried turmeric from an herb store and then powder it by grinding. You can buy already powdered turmeric as well. It is easy to find and inexpensive. Apart from its natural benefits, it will also give your soap light yellowish natural pigment.

Coconut Oil Soap Base: If you don’t want to wait for weeks to get your soap done, use an already prepared Melt and Pour soap base. It will make your work easy and smooth than the lye solution.

While selecting Soap Base, consider going for the one that includes coconut extracts. For your convenience, we have got an easy-to-use 2lb Coconut Soap Base by the top-selling brand Velona.

Ground Rolled Oats: Rolled oats are an easy-to-get item. You can buy it from any supermarket. It will enhance the beauty of our homemade soap along with skin benefits.

For making rolled oats ground, take simple rolled or whole oats and grind them in the grinder. You will have ground oats. You can use them for garnishing as well. It will enhance the beauty of your homemade soap.

Almond Oil: Adding a skin-safe essential oil such as Almond oil, lavender, rosemary enhances the benefits of your homemade soothing soap. For acne, you can go for Tea Tree and lemon essential oil too. It will give your skin a soft, smooth texture along with healing your scars.

A Setting Mold: You will require a set a mold for your hot liquid soap to cool down. You can use any type of mold with any shape. Preferably go for square or rectangle shape straight mold. It will avoid air bubble formation; hence you will have smooth soap.

Method- Homemade Soothing Soap Preparation

  • Carefully slice coconut soap base into small pieces with a sharp knife to avoid mess. You can cut it into any shape—preferably small rectangular pieces for easy stirring and melting.

  • Put the slices into a heat-protective bowl.

  • Then, place it into a microwave-safe.

  • Heat on low at 30-second intervals.

  • Stir between intervals until liquid.

  • Hold hot soap carefully as it may burn the skin.

In case you don’t have a microwave-safe, go for the double-boiling method.

  • Take a pan (1) with boiling water.

  • Take another pan (2). Put soap base cubes into it.

  • Now, hold this pan (2) half dipped into Pan 1(with boiling water).

  • Let the soap melt.

  • Stir after every 10-sec interval.

  • Do this until the soap melts.

  • Divide the melted mixture into two halves.

  • In the first half, add ⅓ of rolled oats ground and 1 tsp of Almond oil.

  • In another half, add 1 tsp of Almond oil and Turmeric.

  • Mix both mixtures well, individually.

  • Now pour the Turmeric mixture into some preferred mold.

  • Let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

  • Now add the rolled oats ground mixture slowly, mix it with spoon.

  • Spritz the soap surface with spraying alcohol to remove bubbles.

  • Garnish the soap with rolled oats to give a natural look.

  • Let it solidifying overnight.

  • Use it the next day.

  • Remove it from mold.

  • Cut it into medium soap size slices.

  • If you have some kind of stamp, press it on the soap bar. It will look good.

  • Wrap it with airtight plastic wrap.

Your newly created soothing, nourishing coconut oil soap is now ready to use!


Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while making your homemade soap,

  • Make sure you are stirring while melting the soap base.

  • Melted soap is hot and can burn skin! Hence not for beyond 15.

  • Let the soap rest overnight. Don’t check it again and again because it will disturb its bonding.

  • The double boiler method is less convenient but is safe.

  • Don’t allow bubble formation.


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