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Herbal Oil Infusion 101

Making your own herbal oil infusions is a great way to get the most out of your herbs. Not only are you able to customize the oils to your own needs, but you also know exactly what is in them and where it came from. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of making herbal oil infusions. We will cover everything from choosing the right herbs to using essential oils for flavor. Let's get started!

To make an herbal oil infusion, you will need:

-Fresh or dried herbs of your choice

-A carrier oil such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil

-A glass jar with a tight fitting lid

-A strainer or cheesecloth

-Optional: Essential oils for flavor

The first step is to choose your herbs. You can use fresh or dried herbs for this process. If you are using fresh herbs, make sure that they are clean and free of any dirt or debris. You will need about ¼ cup of herb per cup of oil. Some good options for herbs include: lavender, calendula, rosemary, and chamomile.

Once you have chosen your herbs, it is time to prepare the infusion. If using dried herbs, you will need to grind them into a powder using a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder. If using fresh herbs, simply chop them finely. Place the herbs into the glass jar and then pour the carrier oil over them until they are completely covered. Make sure to leave about ½ an inch of space at the top of the jar.

Now it is time to infuse the oil. Place the lid on the jar and shake it well to combine the ingredients. Then, set the jar in a sunny spot or place it near a heating vent so that it stays warm. Allow the oil to infuse for at least two-four weeks, shaking the jar once a day. After four weeks, strain the oil using a strainer or cheesecloth.

Once your oil is strained, it is ready to use! You can add it to lotions or potions, use it for massage, or apply it directly to the skin. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to give it a nice scent. Store your infusion in a dark glass bottle in a cool, dark place. It should last for several months.

Now that you know how to make your own herbal oil infusions, give it a try! Experiment with different herbs and carrier oils to see what you like best. Have fun and enjoy the process!

If you have any questions about making your own herbal oil infusions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will be happy to answer them! Happy infusion making!

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