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Best Environmentally-Friendly Beauty Products

Best Environmentally-friendly beauty products

In recent years, terms like "eco-friendly," "green," and "environmentally-friendly" have become big buzz words in the beauty industry. Sometimes these terms aren’t straightforward or easy to understand, and it feels like a marketing carousels.

As a result, it creates confusion among buyers. As a buyer, you want to know more about it but you might not know how to find information. So today, at Glow & Green, I will talk about the definition of environmentally-friendly beauty products and in our opinion the best environmentally-friendly beauty products.

Before I go further, I want to ask you some questions! When you go to SEPHORA or ULTA, have you ever thought about looking at the back of the product label?

What kind of symbols or logos are shown on the bottle? What do those symbols mean? Yes? No? Whatever your answer may be, investigating a little further before you apply any product to your body is an excellent habit to get into. Since we are all pouring a lot of money in personal care products, why not get the best out of it! But first, let's break down the definition.

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Description: Environmentally-Friendly Beauty Products

Environmentally-friendly or environment-friendly (also referred to as eco-friendly, nature-friendly, and green) products refer to goods and services, laws, guidelines, and policies that claim to reduce, minimize, or do no harm to ecosystems or the environment. (referenced) So, in short, environmentally-friendly beauty products are sustainable & green products.


So why should we use these products?

First of all, these products are gentle on the skin, as they are made from natural, green, and plant-based ingredients. Most importantly, they avoid all the harmful chemicals and preservatives in their skincare/haircare product formulations. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a database where you can find the dangerous ingredient list. Furthermore, the brands of these beauty products take serious consideration when it comes to manufacturing practices.

From the growing of ingredients to the elimination of packaging by end-users, every step of the way is designed based on green/sustainability principles. These products not only give the satisfaction of beautiful skin, but also provide benefits to society & the environment.

Ever since I established a few ground rules on this, I have adored environmentally-friendly beauty products like the ones below!

Here are my favorite products:

1) Cleanser

2) Moisturizer

3) Facemask

4) Facial Serum

5) Bath soak

6) Shampoo & Conditioner

7) Facial Toner

8) Facial Scrub

These are a few of my favorite products! I truly respect beauty brands that value sustainability and the environment throughout their process. Meanwhile, I would like to hear from all of you what your favorite environmentally-friendly beauty products are.

Here at Glow & Green, I want to spread awareness on the climate, green living, and keeping the environment clean. And hopefully, I can convey this message through this blog.

I encourage all of you to email or comment on this. I am always ready to communicate with all of you on the topic of sustainability & green beauty.

Till then, see you next week!


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