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9 Foods that Cause Acne and 3 Days Skin-Reset Challenge

Living a healthy life, eating right, and waking up to clear, smooth, and flawless skin is the dream of many people. But, unfortunately, this entire dream comes crashing down when an unsightly popper adorns your face when you wake up in the morning.

Whether you are going out to meet your friends, heading to an important meeting, or planning to go on a vacation, pimples are the last the thing you want to see in the mirror. You might be splurging on skincare and taking adequate measures to keep your skin free of pimples but despite all the struggle, you still spot a zit on your face.

The chances are that the food you are consuming is playing a significant role in the development of acne. Go through the following list of foods that trigger the development of acne:

1. Sugar

Starting the list with the biggest culprit of acne, and that is sugar or refined sugar. Foods rich in sugar content such as candies, cookies, cakes, or sweetened beverages cause a spike in your insulin level as these foods tend to get absorbed rapidly in the bloodstream.

As a result, the high insulin level pushes an excessive amount of sugar into the cells and increases the production of oils in the skin, which causes the pores or follicles present on the skin to clog and ultimately leading to acne.

If you have a sweet tooth, then satiate your cravings by taking one or two bites of sugar processed foods. Try consuming dark chocolate since it is packed with multiple nutritional benefits such as antioxidants, fiber, and low sugar.

2. Refined Grains

Refined grains such as bread, pasta, white rice, or noodles are high glycemic foods that trigger acne. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, and they break down quickly. This increases blood sugar and insulin levels.

The high insulin level makes the androgen hormones active and triggers the production of excessive sebum that clogs the pores and results in the development of acne. Instead of white bread, try consuming brown bread and brown rice instead of white rice as these contain complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index which helps in diminishing the onset of acne.

3. Dairy Products

Milk-based or dairy products are also found to cause acne especially skimmed milk, since it contains added proteins such as whey and casein to make it less watery. Due to this, bodybuilders are often spotted having acne since they rely on consuming protein drinks.

Apart from skimmed milk, regular milk also triggers acne due to the presence of bovine growth hormones that don't get digested and get absorbed in the bloodstream. If you need milk daily, then consider getting almond or oat milk. Also, try to switch to probiotics as they help in boosting immunity, decreasing inflammation, helping with weight loss, and digestion.

4. Alcoholic Cocktails

Alcohol and cocktails such as Margaritas or mojitos are a special drink to celebrate any significant event but consumed in excess, results in abrupt development of acne. These alcoholic cocktails are rich in sugar content that raise insulin levels and also dehydrates the skin, resulting in the development of acne.

Alcohol also creates an imbalance in estrogen or testosterone levels which are a significant factor in the severity of breakouts. The best healthy drink to consume is green tea, as it contains polyphenols that help reduce inflammation and lower sebum production. It also reduces acne severity.

5. Trans Fats

Oils such as hydrogenated vegetable oil present in cookies and chips contain trans fats that are known to cause acne. Consuming a considerable amount of trans fats increases the saturated fats in our sebum, making it thicker. As a result, this dense sebum gets clogged in the pores causing acne.

Apart from acne, trans fats are also harmful to our heart since they lead to clogged arteries and blockage in the blood vessels of the heart.

6. Dried Fruits

While fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins, not all fruits are particularly good for your skin especially the dried fruits. These dried fruits contain concentrated sugar, which promotes oil production and a rise in insulin levels that causes inflammation. This results in the appearance of acne.

If you love snacking on dried fruits, then consider eating Trail mix as it contains a blend of protein-rich nuts, heart-healthy fats and fiber along with some dried fruit for energy.

7. Too Much Meat

Meat is also known to cause acne since some kinds of meat such as beef or chicken contain an amino acid known as leucine. Leucine triggers a chain reaction that stimulates sebum production and causes oil glands to produce oil excessively. The excess amount of oil clogs the pores and results in an acne breakout.

Acne can be cleared up by switching to plant-based foods or giving up meat. These natural foods contain a significant number of antioxidants and fiber that detoxify the body and make the skin appear fresh, clean, and vibrant.

8. Fried Food

Fried food is generally harmful to our health since it causes several health risks such as obesity or breakouts. Fried foods such as French fries, burgers, or chips contain a high amount of refined carbs and sugar that causes a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels that increases sebum production, ultimately leading to acne.

If you have a knack for eating fried foods, then consider switching to baked foods as they are less risky in terms of acne.

9. Seaweed

Fans of Japanese cuisine might like munching on seaweed but eaten in a high amount would be harmful to those suffering from breakouts. Seaweed is often consumed with sushi or salads and is rich in iodine which is good for normal functioning, but it triggers acne.

Consider avoiding these foods if you have acne-prone skin. By switching to plant-based products, you would notice a considerable change in the appearance of your skin and a decrease in the intensity of the inflammation.

(Photo Credit: all images in this blogpost is taken from unsplash)

So definitely, food is big culprit of acne but there are other reasons as well. That's why here at Glow & Green we are launching a big "Skin Reset" challenge. It will be 3-days free skin reset challenge which will reduce your skin inflammation, acne, blemishes, and pigmentation. It won't fully recover but it will give some sort of breather to your skin. In this program we will teach you few simple steps to reset your skin clock!

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