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10 Ultimate Best Face Yoga Exercises

10 Ultimate Best Face Yoga

10 Ultimate Best Face Yoga Exercises

When it comes to exercise and wellness regimen, I love doing yoga and brisk walks. That’s my gem. I am not that big of the fan of High-Intensity exercises at all. But I can claim myself as a yoga practitioner ever since my childhood (Thanks for my Indian up brining). But when I came to know about Face Yoga, I was stunned! Especially when I came to know that even Meghan Markle brags about Face yoga! (click here)

I decided to explore & practice this, and here I am six weeks later with an excellent result on my face! It reduces my double chin and fades my fine line. Working on simple & best 10 Face Yoga Exercises … is genuinely a game-changer for me!

Two more things, 1) I like about this face yoga concept, as I can do from my office chair, so no more excuses on not to go to the gym! And 2), it is genuinely natural Botox therapy, or I should say Botox without a needle ?! Isn’t it great? So, without further due, here is the blogpost on all about what is face yoga, origin, benefits, my top 10 best face yoga exercises & face yoga routines.

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a method of stretching your facial muscles. There are two types of muscles in general: 1) sleeping muscles, 2) working muscles. Face yoga wakes up sleeping muscles and work towards better facial posture. It is one kind of non-Surgical facelift that can smooth out wrinkles, slim down jaws, and even change the shape of your facial profile.

Face Yoga sometimes is also known as facial exercise. The way it works is: making repetitive motions and facial expressions to activate and build muscles on your face.

It is a genuinely excellent anti-aging remedy. As you all know, we all age, and our facial profile changes with age. It goes downwards when you begin to accumulate the groves and wrinkles. We do exercise for our belly fat, thighs, and elbow… while we totally forget to move our muscles on our face. This sequence of facial movements will help eliminate those sagging.

In 2018, Northwestern University did research work on Facial Exercise. They tested face yoga for the women between 45 to 60 age group. First eight weeks, they tend to do face yoga every day for 30 minutes. They immediately saw the difference in facial wrinkles. (see here)

You must have tried jade roller and Kansa wand (we did a blog post on that) to reduce puffiness after having a few glasses of wine in the morning.

It is the same kinda theory but without any tools. We move our facial muscles and make them active. You might question, so what and how can I do that. There is a well-defined process to apply face yoga in your day to day routine. I do it right before lunchtime.

Benefits of Face Yoga:

Face yoga has excellent benefits. It increases oxygen and blood flow to the face. If you are into an uplifting corner of the moth, slimmer, and more defined cheeks – face yoga is the thing! Like jade rollers and Kansa wand, it increases lymphatic flow in the face and neck and reducing trapped toxins.

For those who currently have a fuller face, it helps to slim and define your cheeks. It uplifts the corners of the mouth. For girls who are facing puffy eyes, tired looks, droopy eyelids, and dark circles, face yoga is a way to go! Take a selfie, before and after, do these exercises for 8 weeks.

I will assure you that you will see the results. It opens your eyes, reduces forehead lines, decreases nasolabial fold lines. Seriously, the benefits are endless.

Face yoga is one of the most excellent techniques to acquire mind and spirit as well. In terms of wellness, it makes your face happier, which ultimately brings a more joyful spirit. It develops a more relaxed overall look. Face yoga helps you to have more regular facial expressions as well as clarity of speech. The fuller self-expression is an excellent gift of Face yoga.

But to conduct all these benefits, you guys need to follow specific guidelines! I have come down with a simple explanation of how to get started with face yoga!

Here is: 10 Ultimate Method of Face Yoga Exercises:


When you start any exercise, you do a warm-up session. The same thing applies to face yoga session. By vibrating the cheeks as much as possible, you can start relaxation of facial muscles.

In general, lip muscles are central/core muscles. Once the lips muscles are relaxed, the whole face will feel relaxed. When you are stressed & watching a computer screen the full day, your facial muscles feel stressed. But by this warming up session will force these facial muscles to get relaxed physically.

After warming up the session, just think about one analogy. If you notice more mature people look grumpy than the younger. The mouth cheeks bones start sagging with age and represent sad & irritable face. Even though you are not sad, you look sad! Practice this analogy. And now you got a sad face!


1) Face yoga for Glowing Skin: Tiny Smile

This exercise is for you all, whose face looks grumpy, but they are not actually grumpy.

1) Give a very tiny smile to your face. Make it at least 5 degrees of the smile.

2) Keep smiling for 3-10 seconds.

3) Make sure you do not keep the angle too high, If the aspect is too high, automatically you cannot continue, and the skin will feel stretch. That’s not good.

4) During this posture, keep breathing as it is! This is an excellent posture for realizing happiness & fulfillment.

2) Face Yoga for Jawline:

This exercise is straightforward and easy. It helps strengthens jawline muscles. To perform this yoga,

1) First, relaxes muscles near lips. 2) Now keep lower lip muscles stable and twist front lip muscles inside way (as if you are making faces with someone) 3) Do this in 2-4 reps. In this way, you are not only giving exercise to your jawline muscles but also helping neckline muscles as well.

3) Face Yoga Pose for Eyes:

Many age-related vision problems come from the gradual loss of flexibility and tone in the eye muscles. In Ayurveda, it’s been told that the fastest way to bring the mind into concentration is through the eyes. Believe it or not, but vision occupies 40% of your brain capacity, that’s why we close our eyes to relax and fall asleep.

To perform eye yoga, 1) Close the eyelid. 2) Rotate eyeballs inside in a circular manner. 3) By doing this, you are promoting blood flow.

4) Face Yoga for Acne:

I know numerous girls in my life that they all are facing acne & breakouts in their lifetime. Admiring those glowing faces in beauty industry ads, I often wonder what if I got this skin. I totally can say that with face yoga, you can get this face without any chemicals putting on your skin.

Face yoga is easy as it relaxes your muscles, thus reduces stress, which has a direct effect on acne & breakouts.

The way this pose works: 1) Relaxes your lip muscles. 2) Start from nose to hair, press your palm, and move your palm towards this. 3) This pose/movement awakes facial blood flow. 4) Do this yoga for 3-5 times and 3-6 months will give you excellent results.

5) Face Yoga for Cheekbone:

When we grow older, gravity pulls our cheekbone down. With fuller and higher cheekbone, we can look younger and fresh. There are three points on your face where you can pay attention to have fuller cheeks. 1) corner of eyes, 2) edge of cheeks, and last 3) corner of lips.

This face yoga exercise will help to do that.

1) Open your mouth and form “o.” Now upper lips fold into your upper teeth. 2) Now smile to uplift the cheekbone gradually. 3) Place your index finger lightly on top of the cheek muscles and stretch it towards your eyes. 4) Now release the index finger progressively and relax the lips. 5) Do this exercise 3 times during the session.

6) Face Yoga for Neck:

Double chin is a common problem for many people. Due to excessive cell phone usage, we always parked our phone between shoulders and face. That’s why the neck is getting more gravitation forces than usual. This yoga posture will also help you reduce the double chin problem.

1) First, close your mouth and relax. Observe where your tongue is resting. 2) If it is resting on the upper side of your mouth, press it firmly. Make sure you pressure your language in a way so that your mouth won’t open. 3) Now move your entire face up and down and 2-4 times in one pose. 4) To finish this posture, keep look in central and gradually release the pressure from the tongue. 5) In the end, breath and breath out from your mouth. 6) Do this exercise 3 times in one session.

7) Face Yoga for Forehead:

We move our foreheads all the time, we don’t realize it, but it is true. Especially when we are talking, smiling, thinking, driving, and the list goes on! With excessive movement and aging, we develop forehead lines.

The “Biocular” face yoga will help us removing those unpleasant forehead lines. This yoga practices will replace your Botox for sure. This exercise can control the awareness of the muscles!

1) Curl your both hands in “c” shape. Place your C index fingers above the eyebrow along with the eye bones. Place thumb into the nose. 2) Now press the fingers of each hand down and then sideways. 3) Open your chest and pull down your shoulder blades.

Repeat 2 sets.


8) Face Yoga for lips:

When Kylie Jenner did lip filler (back in 2015), I know many girls wanted to have it! Here I am showing you natural lip filler, which doesn’t require any cost. As I mentioned, lips are the central organ of your face. Right after your eyes, people look into mouths.

To make it plump and attractive, face Yoga can become your go-to things to do while you are driving, working, or walking.

1) Before lip yoga, drink a glass of water and moisturize your lip with natural/sustainable lip balm. Keeping your lip skin hydrated and moisturized is very important. 2) Suck in air through the mouth and immediately close your lips tight. 3) Make your cheeks fuller with air inside the mouth. Now move air from one side of the cheeks to the other side of the cheeks. 4) Do this five times.

9) Face Yoga for Anti-aging:

Frankly, Face Yoga is known for anti-aging. Any face yoga exercise will give you anti-aging benefits for sure as they all reduce the wrinkles from your face and promotes blood circulation. This yoga works well for the people who have a “bulldog” face. Bulldog face is cute for dogs but not cute for us.

To remove saggy cheeks, pull everything to the side is the best way to do it.

1) First, relax the lip muscles! Now lock your lips 2) Now do pout and try to pull your face one side. 3) Hold this position for 2-5 seconds with the help of a hand. 4) Now repeat the same action on the other side of the face. 5) Repeat the entire set for 3 times

10) Face Yoga for eyelids:

Tired eyes, headaches, and red eyes are common problems. We try to ignore these problems, and it can lead to severe issues. Believe it or not, but all these problems are related to tired eyelids. If your job requires you to stay on your computer all the time, then you guys need a cost-effective solution.

Do this exercise, and your eyes will thank you.

1) Make a peace sign with your index fingers. 2) Place your middle fingers on the inner age of your eyebrows and your pointer fingers on the outer age of your eyebrows. 3) Apply moderate pressure and look upwards while squinting. 4) Repeat the exercise 8 times.

In the end, blow your lips and breathe out. Close your eyes and meditate for 2-5 minutes.

To make this face yoga effective, you might need to develop a face yoga regimen.

This regimen needs to follow the right way. Before developing a regimen, follow below tips to get the maximum effect of face yoga.

• Ensure your hands are clean before touching your face. Don’t apply synthetic hand cream, you don’t want synthetic cream rubbing on your face.• Combine face yoga with regular yoga & Pilates to give your complexion the best possible boost. • Performing facial exercises lying down is the most effective. So, while you go for sleep, it might be time to complete this ritual. The last step of this regimen is to meditate; it is an excellent way to fall sleep. • Work on your facial muscles at the same time every day. • Don’t overdo in terms of pressure or tug on the skin aggressively – this may give you ripple effects. • Make sure you try this practice for at least 3-6 months to see visible results.

So, in short, these 10 ultimate face yoga exercises are going to save your money on botox, or even if you do not believe in botox, this is the natural anti-aging facial.

Please try this exercise and let me know how your facial muscles are feeling. I would love to know more about your experiences. We are excited to get your email and message on this topic.

Till then, we will see you all in the next blog post.

xoxo, Glow & Green

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Thanks for sharing this post. Face Yoga exercise increase the blood circulation, reduce stress and strengthen the muscles.

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