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10 Habits to Adopt Right Now for Seriously Healthy Hair

The idea of having healthy and luscious hair is the dream of many people. The excessive use of heat styling and chemical-based products strip away the natural shine of hair. When it comes to hair care, the health of your hair should not be compromised; therefore, give your hair the ultimate makeover by adopting the following haircare habits to make your hair grow healthy and shiny.

1. Try Using Silk Pillow Cover

Starting our list with the first habit, you should adopt to give your hair the ultimate protection, and that is by changing pillow covers every week. With time, pillow covers accumulate dust and debris, which makes the hair frizzy and dull.

People sleeping with their hair open should wash and change their pillow covers weekly, if not at least dust the pillow covers. Apart from laundry, the other best thing to do for hair is to swap your cotton pillow covers with the silk ones especially if you are a wild sleeper.

The friction between the cotton fabric of the pillow cover and the hair makes the hair appear frizzy and damaged. Try to place a silk sheet or scarf on the pillow if you don't have a silk pillow cover to prevent damage.

2. Avoid Washing Hair Daily

Taking a hot relaxing bath after a long day at work might feel soothing for your body, but it might be dangerous for your hair.

Since the chemicals present in the shampoo are meant to clean out the dirt, regularly shampooing might strip away the natural shine and oil of the hair, which will dry up the hair strands. This situation is even worse during winters since constantly washing hair in hot water dries out the hair color and damages the hair strands.

If you like to take a shower daily, try wearing a shower cap to protect your hair, or you can use dry shampoo to preserve the luster of your hair.

3. Massage your Hair with Oil before Washing

The best habit to adopt for hair care is to massage them with beneficial hair oils to promote hair growth and make them healthy. The widely available and the most popular hair oils are coconut and olive oils that not only nourish the scalp but protect hair strands from breaking off.

Make a habit of massaging your hair with hair oils at least two hours before taking a bath. This will ensure healthy growth and make your hair appear lustrous and voluminous.

4. Apply a Deep Conditioning Mask Every Week

Conditioner is the holy-grail solution for split ends and dull hair. Make a habit of applying a nourishing hair mask or deep conditioning your hair every week, primarily if you use heat styling tools frequently. The best way to apply a conditioner is to apply the conditioner on the bottom of the hair and then slowly working up the top and then on the scalp.

Leave the conditioner on for at least two minutes to ensure deep conditioning and then wash away with cold or lukewarm water. By following this method, you would see a noticeable difference in the health and the outlook of the hair within a short time.

5. Use Your Hair Brush.

Lots of people make the mistake of brushing their hair with others' hairbrushes, especially when they forget to bring their own to an event or an outing. This might seem like a quick fix, but it could have potential risks in the future.

A hairbrush is home to many viruses and contaminants that can get transferred to the other. The biggest risk is lice, but other viruses such as Covid-19 can also spread to your scalp. Not only that, sharing hair brushes can even spread many diseases such as ringworm fungus, scabies, and even a staph infection.

If you accidentally use a brush of a person having ringworm, you can develop a rash, irritation, experience hair loss, and have brittle hair.

Using stranger's hairbrushes is mainly seen in hairdressing salons and barbershops. Therefore, it is recommended to bring your hairbrush or ask the staff to sanitize the hairbrush before using it in your hair to minimize the risks.

6. Use a Scalp Scrub on your scalp Twice a Month

Scrubbing away the dead skin cells seems very satisfying apparently, but it has multiple benefits for the skin.

For healthy and shiny hair, try scrubbing your scalp twice a month to strip away the debris of dead skin cells and ensure healthy growth. Avoiding exfoliating the scalp can leave hair follicles clogged with oil, leading to hair loss, and weakening of the hair strands.

Exfoliating the scalp also stimulates blood circulation, which brings a stream of nutrients to the hair follicles. Scalp scrubbing is particularly beneficial for people suffering from dandruff issues as the scrub removes excess dandruff and protects the hair from weakening.

7. Trim your Hair Regularly

The hair, when left alone, often grows out and becomes frizzy and broken, resulting in split ends. The hair specialists recommend getting a haircut or a trim every six to eight weeks to maintain healthy hair growth.

If you can't get a haircut, then at least make a habit of trimming or slicing off the edges to remove split ends. Trimming the hair not only makes the hair appear fresh but also ensures the fast growth of hair.

8. Use the Hair Products according to the weather

You might have a habit of sticking to one shampoo all year round, but it is advisable to change the hair products according to the weather outside.

The shampoo used in summer might not be effective during winter. During summer, scorching heat and bright sunlight make the hair look rough, dry, and damaged.

Therefore, a moisturizing shampoo is required to maintain the health of the hair. On the other hand, the dryness in winters dehydrates the scalp. It also statically charges up the hair which makes it frizzy. Therefore a smoothing shampoo along with a conditioner is required to protect the hair.

9. Avoid taking Extremely Hot Showers

Extremely hot water is very damaging for hair as it rapidly dries out the hair, burns the hair strands, and makes them appear damaged. Try showering with lukewarm water to protect your hair from burning.

10. Minimize the Usage of Heat Styling Products

People having curly or wavy hair love to heat style their hair with hot iron or straighteners but excessive use of these hot tools burns the hair incessantly. During winters, the usage of air dryers becomes excessive that abruptly damages the hair. Try switching to cool hair options to ensure safe drying of hair.

If you are using a hot iron or a curler, try spraying your hair with a protective spray beforehand to prevent damage.



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