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Dear Neev..... A letter to my son on his first birthday

I am trying not to share my personal life; it was the personal decision when I started Glow & Green. But today, the first time, I would like to share something unique to me! A letter to my son Neev. If you follow my journey from the beginning, Glow & Green started due to my first miscarriage. It was a dark time for me, and at that time, I wanted to give birth to something that would stay with me forever. And Glow & Green emerged. I see Glow & Green as my first child, while Neev is my first human child. Today is Neev's birthday. As a mom, I want to share my first-year journey with him via Glow & Green so that one day he will read this and cherish the moments like I did last year! So here it is: Dear Neev,
When you were born in the year 2021, I saw blood spots. I was terrified. Like every other millennium, instead of calling to the doctor, I googled it; what happens if I spot bleeding on week 34. All google results were telling me that child would come early. I didn't tell anyone, not even your dad. I was secretly hoping that you arrive on my due date, which was April 4. And the reason was: I wanted to make sure Glow & Green (your elder sibling) is taken care of in terms of marketing. But long story short! All worked out. You came on February 28 around 6 o'clock in the evening. Your dad had my surprise baby shower on that day, but you decided to join the party.
There was no single day when I didn't hug or kiss you or think first about you from that day to this day. It was a blur year for me as a mom/woman, but looking back, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so fortunate that I am watching you grow... honestly, it is the greatest gift I've ever been given. On my first Mother's Day at 3 AM feeding, I still remember that you have given me the most incredible first smile. Honestly, I can't forget that moment. I adore your sense of curiosity and observing everything around you! I still remember in your NICU days when we closed and opened your box, you gave us a sensitivity towards noise and surroundings. And how can I forget when you ate the first time. We fed you carrots, and your mouth was drooling. From the first bath to today's bubble bath session we did on your 1st birthday, your love of water is truly remarkable. You are faithful, Pisces :P. There are so many memories that I have experienced, which made me an actual mom. I feel mother duties are not the one that makes anyone mom! It's that experience I share that makes me a woman to mother! I know there are more to come and share in our coming years! So I am keeping it short for your first birthday! I love you a lot and thanks for making me mom!
- Mom

Dear Neev..... A letter to my son on his first birthday
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