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Soak yourself with Chamomile Oil before Shower

I just adore body oils. Being Indian, that was the first body product, my parents introduced to me. Yes, remember those body massages as an infants! I just love doing same sort of massage and introducing first personal care product to my son!! Since fall is here, I want to talk about body oil, herbal oils and more!

Body Oil for Velvet Skin

So, first let me be clear. Body oils are just not used for massages. These oils are extracted from various plants that have many benefits. Especially as winter is approaching and with its cold and chilly winds, the skin tends to become flaky and dry.

That's why I just love body oil to incorporate into my daily ritual . They make sure that your skin feels like it has been sun-kissed, velvety to the touch, and oiled. With organic body oils, you would be able to tackle those stretch marks, lacerations, pigmented skin, and change your daily routine if you so desired.

What makes these homemade body oils better than store-bought oils? The answer is that these are made with natural ingredients that are closer to nature. You know what's exactly inside the body oil.

In ancient times, people would DIY these oils at home, which would help them alleviate many skin problems. DIY herbal body oil is naturally scented with luxurious fatty acids. It perfectly moisturizes your skin while containing no harmful chemicals like endocrine disruptors. Infusing oil with herbs is a fantastic way to make chemical-free body oil with lots of health benefits.

Oil Infusion:

1) Sun infusion takes one month (rule of thumb: 1/4 cup herb and 1 cup sunflower or other light oil).

2) To make a hot infusion, combine the herb and oil mixture in a mason jar and double boil it for three-four hours. Filter it afterward.

So, today let's talk about Chamomile infused oil. I just love chamomile because it's easily available to anyone. You don't need to go to fancy herb store, just getting a chamomile tea packet and use tea leaves to infused. oil. It's accessible and provide excellent benefits to your skin!

Chamomile Infused Oil and its benefits

Since ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome, chamomile oil has been used medically to help patients with health issues regardless of age. Chamomile releases bisabol into oil, which helps to nourish the skin.

Over decades, it has been used in:

  • stress relieving therapies

  • promoting better sleep

  • helping to heal wounds and rheumatic pain

  • easing skin conditions such as eczema and rashes

  • fixing the upset stomach, such as nausea in pregnancy or indigestion

  • reducing inflammation

You can prepare your oil by adding 1/4 cup of chamomile herb to 1 cup of sweet almond oil as it is best for all skin types. Put it in a glass jar and keep it in sunlight for 6-8 hours. After that, use a cheesecloth to filter all the residue. Voila!

Boosting your oil: A few drops of anti-aging sandalwood during the oil formulation will help to promote skin smoothness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Over the years, many researchers have found that chamomile oil is the best remedy for health issues. Let’s explore its benefits together.

1. Stress reducer

Stress and depression can often occur together in a person having no personal time with an extremely busy routine. Chamomile extracts, when used with the carrier oils for massage or as aromatherapy, are a great source of stress inhibition. Chamomile oil cannot be taken directly as it is indigestible. However, the extract can be used topically.

2. Pain reliever

It helps people with osteoporosis. When massaged gently on the kneecaps, it helps to reduce the inflammation and relieves the pain. Likewise, chamomile oil can also be used for people with arthritis.

3. Better Sleep

Chamomile extracts can help with sleep irregularities. Research studies have shown that people having insomnia due to varied life stresses such as job, finances, or family issues slept better and performed better after taking the chamomile oil therapy.

4. The wound healer

Chamomile-infused oil has special healing properties that when it is applied to the wound, tends to heal effectively, and healing time also improves significantly.

5. Indigestion

Chamomile oil has muscle relaxing properties. When applied topically by people having bowel issues or an upset stomach, it helps them get cured.

How can Chamomile Oil be used?

Chamomile oil can be used safely at home in different ways. You can diffuse it, spray it, bathe in it, massage it, inhale it, and apply it.

Spray it.

Take a spray bottle. Put 10-15 drops of chamomile oil in it and spray it away on your body followed by a lighter massage.

Take a bath in it.

Take a bathtub, fill it with warm water. Add 5 to 6 drops of chamomile oil infused in almond extract. Then unwind and relax, leaving the worldly worries in the bath for at least 15 minutes to allow the aroma to work its magic.

Massage it

Diluting 5-6 drops of chamomile oil with Jojoba oil and gently massaging it into your skin helps relax those stressed muscles and decreases inflammation.

Diffuse it

Place a few drops into your trusty diffuser and let that crisp aroma freshen up your soul.

Inhale it

Take a piece of cloth, add a few drops of chamomile oil, and breathe into it.

Apply it

Chamomile-infused oil can be applied to any part of the body which needs your attention.

Soaking yourself with Chamomile Oil before shower

The soothing warm water and the ingredients in the chamomile oil will help you doze off in no time. Keeping it simple yet luxurious, after a long, tiring, and stressful day at work; mixing chamomile oil with mint, lavender, orange zest, and Jojoba oil would feel like a party. The aromatic jazz would instantly make you feel relaxed and intoxicated. This soak blends the floral scents of Festive season is fun but many times it creates an added pressure when it comes to our appearances. In the past

lavender, giving you a calming experience. You can create your bathroom heaven and enjoy your ‘me-time’!

Since oils float in water, they tend to give your skin enough moisture. If the oils are diluted, they tend to keep allergic reactions and rashes at bay. Dimming the lights and burning those scented candles would make you feel relaxed. Applying the mix of chamomile oil on your body and gently massaging it into your skin would instantly feel oh-so radiant and clear out all the dry patches. Maximum benefits can be achieved if you keep adding chamomile oil blends with consistency into your lifestyle.

You can mix and match different oil blends with chamomile oil. Oats help with skin irritation and leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated. Lavender oil is the best soothing extract that releases stress and insomnia. Vanilla and cinnamon along with chamomile oil help lower blood pressure instantly.

Are there any side effects?

Essential oils tend to be concentrated and should be away from children. Many of them are toxic and harmful if swallowed directly. Pure essential oils might trigger a skin reaction or irritation if applied directly without diluting it with a carrier oil.

To avoid problems and reap optimum benefits, always dilute the chamomile oil and other pure essential oils before applying on to your skin.



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