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7 Days Skin Cleanse Program for all women 

Let's Cleanse & Simplify Your Skin Routine

Looking for healthy glowing skin? People will ask you your secret, and it’ll be… you’re doing less and going back to your basics! 

Toss out the toxins, surround yourself with 7 simple DIY masks and few natural skincare hacks along with detoxifying drinks that simplify your life!

What would it be like if your skin issues start to resolve in these 7 days and your hope to have your dewy skin back? What would be, if it felt like your skin had a direct connection to your mind, and gut health... And you instantly knew what it needed to feel its best — and how to deliver it?

Then, 7 Days Cleanse Skin Program is for you!!!!
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7 Days Skin Cleanse Program

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Perfect for all busy women! 

In this course we will cover 


How did it sound like?
Not sure? 

listen to all these women who have already participated in this program

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Vaishali, India

My skin became so refreshed after 7 days! It was much needed break from my skin. 

Neha, India

If you are looking for softer, calmer, toxin free skin, then this program is for you. I always wanted to use something very natural and easy to follow. This program is all about that

Tracy, United States

Easy to follow steps. Very knowledgeable. Thorough explanation.  Loved it so much. 

So here is the thing.... If your experience with beauty products in the market has been anything like mine, perhaps this will sound familiar.
“Have you noticed that the ingredients on the natural beauty products are just as hard to pronounce as the regular ones?”
“Instagram influencer suggested me this product, but it was horrible!! :(  ”
“I bought a highest reviewed product from beauty store, a girl suggested me but my skin is still same, it was $120 jar!!”
“Is there anyway I can get some solution on my acne? I am so done with all beauty products ”

When you eliminate the excess beauty products (contain with 100+ ingredients), the toxins, and give your skin a break – seriously,it can do its job.
When you nourish and support your skin with simple, natural and gentle skincare ingredients – you’ll see a transformation.

It's time to go back to basics, it's time to follow natural, sustainable skincare...which we learnt from our ancestors... 

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Meet Ruchita

Hi Guys! I am Ruchita. 

A former architect, millennial, and nature lover.

Going back to my roots (Indian roots in my case) when it comes to beauty and wellness set me on path to discovering myself - and with that came so much awareness, curiosity, and purpose in my life. 

It began when I became pregnant first time, and I lost the child within first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Before that, I have never thought to put  food, wellness and beauty products in scrutiny. I never realized that my skin's inflammation has something to do with my food, and skincare products. I just put trust in labels and big marketing gimmicks. 

For many  years of my life, I used a well-known brand of beauty  products, because I thought that meant it was more safe. Totally trapped in beauty marketing! ​

Then, right after my miscarriage, I found out that this trusted brand was full of weird and unnerving chemicals. I had no idea that, all this time, I’d been using irritating chemicals on my skin, it might be harmful to the baby inside me. 

I was upset at myself for not knowing sooner and I was scared of making more mistakes. I channeled all that frustration into learning, and soon wellness became a happy obsession.

That’s when Glow & Green born! 

I had to change my approach on everything. The more I eliminate and detox the more I became in control, the better I felt about myself and my part in the world. And the more I learned, the more I was compelled to share. This course is the result of my journey. 

Now, Glow & Green  reaches more than 100,000 people all around the world each week with valuable content  — a passionate community of people making positive change every day. And what's other way then, detoxing your own skin and gut health. 

In Bay Area, I host sold-out in-person workshops on dozens of topics from green beauty, Indian Skincare, Ayurveda, sustainability and, to my favorite, Detox Your Skin.

It started with small simple steps and it’s become so much more. And now I want the same for you. I want everyone to access this valuable knowledge.