Instead of getting just mist or cleansing oil, why not get it all and indulge ourselves with this trio!!! 


All products are in full size! 


MCT Cleansing Oil (1.69 Fluid ounces): 

Non-comedogenic fractionated coconut oil which is also known for MCT oil. This oil melts away stubborn makeup, dirt and oil. Lavender essential oil hydrates and soothes dry, itchy skin.


Packaging: 100% recyclable glass bottle


Shelf Life: 12 months



Pour desired amount of cleansing oil on biodegrable cotton pad, swab, or directly on skin to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Rinse skin to remove excess oil. Follow gel cleansing after oil cleansing meathod. 


If used once per day, the average customer re-purchases a bottle after 6 months. Store this product in between 45-75 degree F


Keep out of reach of children and away from direct sunlight.


Rosy Facial Mist (1.69 Fluid ounces): 


Rose Facial Mist reduces the appearance of fine lines and maintains the skin’s pH balance after cleansing. This mist  also contains no solubizer that's why it is important to shake well before use.


One good thing,  it contains no harmful ingredient and it helps minimizing  the appearance of pores without over-drying the skin. This mist is perfect for dehydrated skin, use it everyday in your AM/PM routine. 


Packaging: 100% recyclable glass bottle


Shelf Life: 12 months



Directions: After cleansing morning and evening, shake and spritz over entire face.


If used once per day, the average customer re-purchases a bottle after 3 months.



Green Tea Mask (0.5 Oz):

Green Tea is an asian secret of flawless skin. We want to share something amazing in small little jar. This natural face mask removes toxins from your skin and gives you a more youthful appearance. Organic Green Tea works as a very effective sun guard and acne control agent. Rice flour acts as a natural whitening agent and adds glow to the skin.


Packaging: 100% recyclable glass bottle


Shelf Life: 6 months




Take 1 spoon of the face mask on your palm. Activate the ingredients with lukewarm water. Apply the paste on clean skin and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse well.

Spa Bundle for Face

  • MCT Cleansing Oil:

    Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Lavandula angustifolia (Organic Lavender) Essential Oil* , dl-alpha tocopherol
       * Organic 

    Rosy Facial Mist: 

    Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate, Glycerine,  Pelargonium Roseum Leaf Oil,  Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol, Hibiscus sabdariffa

    Shake well before every use.

    For better result, keep this product refrigerate. 


    Green Tea Mask

    Camellia Sinensis, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Flour

    Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product.




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