Top 10 Best Natural Skin Care Products

Today, I would like to share my favorite, as well as the market’s best, 10 natural skincare products. Before I go further, I would like to note that this blog post is not sponsored. These are my honest opinions after trial and error.

The beauty industry is similar to fast fashion. There are so many new brands, and as a consumer, we feel overwhelmed. It’s tempting to try all of them at once. But here, I would like to show some great natural and clean beauty alternatives that we, as the Glow & Green team are loving right now! (Learn more about Natural Skin Care here).

Here is Our List of Top 10 Natural Skincare Products:

1). Vitamin C Serum by Naturopathica (Click Here)

We love Naturopathica’s formula when it comes to Vitamin C. It works wonders when it comes to sun damage, under-eye circles, and wrinkles around the mouth and neck. It also has anti-aging properties. It is a bit expensive, but once you use it for 28 days (which is the skin’s natural recovery time), you will see excellent results.

2) Herbivore Botanicals: Lapis Facial Oil (Click Here)

If you follow me on Instagram, you guys might know how crazy I am when it comes to Herbivore. I want to point out that their products are not as stable as other brands. For that reason, when it comes to their products, I prefer to use their facial oils and anhydrous products. Lapis oil helps even out your skin tones and reduces acne problems. We like this oil due to its jojoba oil & blue tansy oil content. Jojoba oil is actually a natural wax, which is very close to our natural skin sebum. We love this oil as a nighttime oil.

3) LILFOX - Organic Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask (Click Here)

The Glow & Green team found out about these natural skincare products when our founder went to the spa when she visited Hawaii. The formula of this cleanser works wonders, as it has natural and organic honey, which is a natural cleanser. This product also contains white clay and rosehip oil.

4) OSEA Malibu Anti-Aging Body Balm 6 oz.(Click Here)

OSEA is an organic skincare brand that has been committed to non-toxic skincare for over 20 years. This company was the first company to sign the Environmental Working Group's "Compact for Safe Cosmetics" pledge and has led the charge ever since. The line is totally plant-based, vegan, and free of synthetic ingredients. Responsibly sourced organic seaweeds are the star ingredients in nearly all of OSEA's products. Their body balm product contains acai pulp oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Also, this oil in this product deeply hydrates, firms, and plumps dry skin. It includes our blog favorite, babassu seed oil. Since this oil is fast-absorbing, it adds luster to skin with no greasy residue.

5) Annmarie Skin Care Anti-Aging Facial Oil(Click Here)

Founded in 2009, Annmarie is an organic skincare line focused on creating the highest quality handcrafted, organic, wildcrafted, and non-GMO products. Their products are 100% natural and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers around the world. This product mainly contains goji berries and chia seed oil. We totally feel that chia seeds and goji berries are a superfood for our skin! You can't go wrong with this product! Try this product as a daily morning ritual before you apply your sunscreen.

6) Ursa Major Go Easy Daily Shampoo and Conditioner Set (Click Here)

Ursa contains between 98-100% natural and 51-83% organic ingredients. It's no wonder skincare insiders and experts can't stop raving about Ursa Major. This shampoo and conditioner contain zero toxins (like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, glycols, silicones, synthetics, etc.) and are gluten-free.

7) Eminence Organic Skincare. Stone Crop Gel Wash (Click Here)

Eminence has been making handmade organic skincare products in Hungary since 1958. Their products are free of harmful chemicals due to sustainable farming practices. This gel wash is excellent when it comes to cleaning dirt from your face during your nighttime rituals, but it doesn't remove makeup! If you use this product, we strongly suggest using a makeup remover.

8) Cocovit - Organic Coconut + Rose Bath Salts (Click Here)

Cocovit specializes in one thing: really exceptional coconut oil. Using its proprietary method of heatless, chemical-free extraction, Cocovit has arguably the most beautiful organic coconut skincare product on the market. However, we strongly discourage you from using coconut oil on your face. Coconut oil's fatty acid creates a thick layer on your skin and clogs the pores. But when it comes to bath salt, we are totally a fan of this product.

9) RMS Savannah Peach Collection (Click here)

RMS is a makeup brand, but they do offer a few organic skincare products (crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients) that definitely deserve attention. However, we do love their makeup products, as they are highly pigmented! It contains a highly popular product: luminizer! Big win!

10) SanRe Organic Skinfood: Eye Cream (Click Here)

SanRe is a USDA Certified Organic skincare brand that makes an excellent full line of products, including face, hair, and body. As the eye is one of the most essential parts of the body, we love this non-toxic eye cream with almost 100% natural & organic ingredients.

We would love to hear from you all about your favorite products! Please leave us a comment and share your opinions on this!

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