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My top 3 reasons to adopt sustainability & Herbalism in skincare


always like to discuss DIY beauty recipes, wellness journeys, and beauty ingredients highlighted in this beauty platform. But I realized I have never given you all my reasons for adopting sustainable and herbal skincare.

Today’s blog post is all about personal again. In this social media world, people blindly follow and adopt lifestyles that are not perfect for them. I was no different in that case. When I moved to the United States in 2007, I was in my early 20s’. I loved the glamour and glitz of those beauty stores and their products. I used to talk with a beauty salesperson for hours as if she knew my skin inside out and her suggestions would transform my skin. Honestly, I was totally vested in the beauty industry’s marketing messages.

I was so naïve. I used to buy multiple face masks, facial creams, and exfoliants – just because someone suggested it on Instagram or a sales rep recommended it. Some of the products stayed in my beauty cabinets for years until I felt I needed to get rid of them. Frankly, I can’t remember one beauty product that did my skin wonders. This realization came when I couldn’t get pregnant in my desired time frame (so millennial thinking :P), and I went into the detox route for my life. It was the time when I wanted to take a step back from everything, and I realized why I chose sustainability and Herbalism in my life when it comes to skincare.

So here are my reasons:

Sustainability and Herbalism in skincare give me clarity, transparency, and control

Many beauty products contain synthetic chemicals and toxins; you won’t see their effect until it’s too late. It can cause more damage than just premature aging and tired-looking skin. Sustainably sourced ingredients herbal is derived from a natural substance. These natural substances are more known than the ingredients in some synthetic beauty products and are even hard to pronounce. Also, some of the ingredients inside these products are linked to so many health problems, including cancer. Since I wanted to be a mom so badly, I couldn’t find any clarity and transparency regarding the ingredients inside my personal care product. I was at the stage where I wanted complete control over my skincare. And I realized turning into essential, sustainable, and herbal skin care is the best for me.

It’s very approachable and affordable.

When you are young, you don’t think about value vs. quality. But growing up, I realized that both of these are hard to get, especially in skincare. In my “perfectly herbal sustainable beauty product search,” I couldn’t find easily accessible and affordable beauty products. But when I started developing my own sustainably crafted beauty products – my overall beauty products bill went down significantly. Many herbal/sustainable skincare products are right in your kitchen. You don’t need special oils or ingredients for it.

You can customize your skincare once you adopt Herbalism and a sustainable beauty routine.

I firmly believe no one else can feel your skin than yourself. Our skin is constantly evolving, and we are the best judge of our own skin. My skin in summer feels a bit oily, while in extra winter dry. You can tell yourself that you need hydration, a boost, or a soothing effect. I used to buy hydrating cream for winter. Then, it used to be inside my beauty cabinet throughout summer as my skin did not need extra hydration at that time. By adopting sustainable/herbal skincare, I can make my own routine and choose ingredients based on skin needs.

So these are my reasons to adopt a sustainable and herbal skincare routine.


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