DIY Coffee Body Scrub


DIY Coffee Body Scrub

BUT FIRST: Coffee. My first love coffee. As we all know, coffee is one of the world’s famous drinks. So here at Glow and Green, we all love coffee. Cappuccino with Almond milk is my way to start a great productive day.

Honestly, my day begins with a cup of jo & I can’t imagine my life without coffee. In this recipe, I would like to leverage the idea of being able to use every single particle of coffee without discarding any of it. As I love coffee that much, why not makes it fun, right?

I decided to make a DIY body scrub out of it.

I know, I know you will find the number of coffee scrub recipes all over the internet. But what so cool about our method is: we are making this product from used coffee granules.

We make coffee every single day, and without any thought, we just dump the coffee granules into compost or dustbins. We want to break the notion of used coffee granules are waste! So let’s find out what’s inside these coffee beans.

Benefits of DIY Coffee Body Scrub:

Wasted coffee granules consist of polyphenols, which can be hero quality in any DIY body scrubs. So, you will Question what polyphenols are? Polyphenols are a group of 4000+ antioxidants.

The function of the polyphenols in the plant is to protect them naturally from robust and damaging UV rays of the sun. If you eat food that is a rich source of polyphenol, you can preserve internal cells from free radical damage.

It will protect you from illnesses like cancer and heart disease. When you make coffee, this coffee molecules still contain those polyphenols. There are several scientific research out there when they evaluated wasted coffee granules,

And it was found that a series of healthy units was observed, mainly phenols and polyphenols such as caffeoyl­quinic acids, caffeic acid, and ferulic acid. (Check out this article

When I found about polyphenols content in coffee waste, I started thinking about how I can re-purpose this impressive potent quality in skincare & body products.

So, I came up with a simple plan where you can save you coffee granules throughout a week, dry them in the sun and use them at the weekend. This could you perfect #selfcare Sunday ritual you can think of.

This DIY body scrub can also help you reverse your sign of aging. These signs can be sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles, etc. 

Also, the scrub action will slough away dead skin cells. When winter is harsh, we want this exfoliating action on our body so that skin will boost the blood circulation and flow. This will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and uneven skin tone.

That’s why many coffee body scrubs claim themselves to have cellulite removing agent. But when you understand the science behind those products, I would say it’s easier to make it at home.

As you know, it’s a bit of work, but we always vouch for a simple DIY body scrub for every skin type.

This process itself is a more kinda eco-friendly worrier! But why not do it right.

In this recipe, we want to use Babassu oil. You can absolutely use coconut oil (<---click here to get free recipes using coconut oil) instead of this. If you have coconut oil handy.

But to make it a little bit interesting & different, we are using Babassu oil. Babassu oil is similar to coconut oil in its applications and appearance. Babassu oil is also stable like coconut oil at room temperature (here, we are talking about cold weather countries!).

This ingredient will give you that firming, moisturizing, and melting effect into the skin upon contact. 

I love babassu oil because it is a mild, neutral fragrance and a light consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin. After removing dead cells from your skin, I think it is vital to have moisturizing emollient in your skincare recipe.

Babassu oil is a rich source of fatty acid. The fatty-acid composition consists of lauric acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. Babassu oil fights against body acne. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties will nourish your body.

So without further due, let’s make it! 

To make this body scrub, we will have simple 3:2 coffee granules: oil ratio. I like my body scrub to have bit runny consistency, so I use this ratio. But you guys are well come to 3:1 coffee to oil ratio.

To salvage your coffee granules, here what you need to do during weekdays. Make sure you drain all the coffee granules & put it on a small plate and spread it around.

Put this plate near the window when you know sunlight comes. In 1-2 days, it will be dried out perfectly. In a nutshell, we want to make sure that 

Here what you need to make awesome scrub: 

  • 3 tablespoons: Wasted Coffee Granules (make sure no moisture inside the particles)

  • 1 tablespoon: Babassu Oil (You can use Coconut oil instead) 

  • 1 drop: Essential oil 

Before you go for a shower, mix both the things in the small plate using a teaspoon. Make sure the end mixture should be homogeneous. Add essential oil at the end and mix it well again. The above measurements are more like one-time use.

But if you are interested in making this DIY body scrub in bulk then, make sure you do keep water away from the main container. If you introduce water, which means they’ll only stay fresh for a couple of days.

We strongly suggest if you are keeping both ingredients separate and add it while you are going to shower! That will give more peace of mind. 

In terms of essential oil choices, we asked around choices at Glow & Green HQ. We love having Lavender, peppermint (during Christmas time), or Sweet Orange in our DIY body scrub.

All these essential oil choices will enhance the coffee fragrance. Think about what kind of flavor coffee you would like and go crazy! ?? 

One pro tip: You can have Epsom salt or pink salt in your body scrub as well. If you do that, then bump up the oil portion in your recipe! 

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! Ask any question in the comment box! We will be happy to answer ?!

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