I want to find out more about sustainable and Indian beauty, can Glow & Green help?


Of course- we’d love to share our knowledge with you! For any queries, please drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help. Our founder, Ruchita, is the brains behind this brand, where you can find recipes, tips and reviews on all things sustainable beauty.


I have some feedback that I’d love to pass onto your team – how can I do so?


All feedback on our products, service or anything else are greatly appreciated and are a vital way for us to keep improving everything we do. If you have something you’d like to share with us, please email our founder , where she will be more than happy to discuss your thoughts and pass your feedback onto the rest of the team.

How old do you have to be to attend the Rebelle Summit?

All participants must be between the ages of 6-13 at the time the Summit begins.

Do you provide transportation?

As of right now, we do not provide transportation, which means you will have to commit to dropping off and picking up the girls each day of the Summit. If we do make transportation available, we will make an announcement on our Facebook page.

I registered 2 girls, what if they are not in the same circle?

It is VERY likely that both girls will be in different circles which means that their activities for Day 2 and Day 3 would be in different locations (and quite possibly different cities). We take that into account and stagger the times so that no two groups will have their activities start and end at the same time.

What if we register for the Summit, but can no longer make it?

It’s important to keep in mind that registration is NONREFUNDABLE. We cannot refund your money; however, you may transfer your registration to another eligible girl any time BEFORE May 1, 2019. Please contact us at info@worldwidewomengroup.orgin order to transfer your registration.

How do you communicate with us throughout the Summit?

We send out all correspondence via email every Monday. Additionally, we send out up-to-the-minute updates to all parents via the Group Me app. It is very important that parents have an active email address and the Group Me App.

What is the time commitment for the Summit?

The Summit runs for 5 consecutive Saturdays. Except for Day 1 and 5, the other days are relatively short and will only run between 2-4 hours each. With that in mind, the Summit’s active days are Saturdays; however, the girls will receive their Dare to Dream projects the very first day and should use the weekdays to work on it the entire time the Summit is running. Time management is crucial to the success of each girl.

Why can’t we get a more detailed schedule now?

On the first day of the Summit, your daughter(s) will find out what type of influencer she is, and will be grouped into a circle of girls who shares her influence. Each circle has a different agenda/activity on Days 3 and 4. Because, you don’t know which circle your girl will be in, there is no way to let you know before Day 1 what her exact schedule will be. HOWEVER, within 1-2 weeks prior to the Summit, we will send out a detailed schedule for each circle so you will have an idea of where you may be travelling.

Do parents stay for the Summit?

No, it is actually best for parents to leave each day of the Summit. That way your daughter can stand on her own, connect with her circle and dream freely. We have taken safety precautions and promise your girls are in great hands!

Does the Summit require any extra money?

No! Registration covers admission to all activities and supplies for your daughter. We encourage each girl to use things they already have access to in order to complete their Dare to Dream projects; however, depending on what they want to do, you may have to purchase supplies to help bring her project to life.

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