I want to find out more about sustainable and Indian beauty, can Glow & Green help?


Of course- we’d love to share our knowledge with you! For any queries, please drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help. Our founder, Ruchita, is the brains behind this brand, where you can find recipes, tips and reviews on all things sustainable beauty.


I have some feedback that I’d love to pass onto your team – how can I do so?


All feedback on our products, service or anything else are greatly appreciated and are a vital way for us to keep improving everything we do. If you have something you’d like to share with us, please email our founder , where she will be more than happy to discuss your thoughts and pass your feedback onto the rest of the team.

What is different about Glow & Green products?

Glow & Green products include natural and vegan ingredients, which are proven to enhance beauty with wellness. These ingredients are specifically geared towards addressing common skin problems and revitalizing Indian skincare secrets. They work naturally to promote skin health and vitality.

It is Glow & Green’s goal to include Indian ingredient and provide natural, vegan, sustainable and affordable skincare. Whenever possible, Glow & Green also excludes preservatives without compromising the safety of its products. Glow & Green products are:

  • Paraben-free.
  • Sulfate-free.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable

Why aren’t all Glow & Green products preservative free?

Most cleansers, lotions, crèmes, toners, scrub etc. have hydrosol in them or products can be in touch of water. Hydrosols and water contact support the growth of microorganisms, and therefore all skin care products with water in them are prone to being infested by harmful microbes. This compromises the safety of these products and could make them harmful to use. Therefore, Glow & Green chooses to use natural preservatives for the product safety. However, all Glow & Green body oils, serums, and lip salves, and masks are preservative-free.

Where do Glow & Green ingredients come from?

All Glow & Green ingredients are obtained from natural sources. Pure herbal extracts and essential oils are sourced from the most trusted facilities with the highest quality standards in the skin care industry. Glow & Green skincare ensures that these ingredients are in their purest and most effective states before choosing to formulate products with them. A lot of research and trial goes into a product before it hits the market.

How can I get the maximum benefit from Glow & Green products?

Glow & Green products are categorized by body, face and hair. It is best to use the products made for your specific body organ. Also it is best to use these products daily and develop self-care regimen with it. With regular use, your skin will adapt to these products and show the intended benefits.

How should I use Glow & Green products?

Read the labels carefully and follow directions.

For help in choosing products for particular issues, just email: with subject line: Product Help Needed

How soon can I see results?

If used regularly, and according to the provided directions, your skin should look beautiful in the first month.

What is the secret of lasting beauty?

Of course daily skin care is a must. But external beauty is a reflection of internal health. Reducing stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle are extremely important in being beautiful. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, and include moderate exercise in your lifestyle. Meditation is a great way to stay calm and relaxed.

Why should I choose Glow & Green?

Glow & Green Skin Care addresses the needs of consumers who are looking for sustainable, clean and green living as well as well-informed transparent attitude towards personal care products. Our products reflect the belief that nature offers safe and effective solutions to everyday beauty and personal care needs, and the consumer should have access to those resources in sustainable way. Glow & Green's philosophy is based on good conscience. So, the products are never tested on animals, and are suitable vegan consumers. All our products include natural, and green ingredients. These are some good reasons to choose Glow & Green. It is Glow & Green’s goal to encourage you to use sustainable products which is not good for you but good for surrounding environment.